A remote onboarding platform for new hires

The need for a remote onboarding platform

In the grip of a global pandemic, schools, businesses and organizations are shuttering their doors for weeks or longer. The unthinkable is rapidly becoming the eerie, unsettling norm. If there’s one thing this has brought to life or maybe two – if we consider people’s curious penchant for stockpiling toilet paper in times of crisis – it’s the new normal for organizations to continue conducting operations remotely. The infrastructure to onboard, reboard and offboard employees remotely is a critical component to maintaining continuous operations in these times of uncertainty and social distancing. If you can no longer onboard employees in person or offboard them in an uncertain economy, it’s time to consider a remote onboarding platform.

What is a remote onboarding platform?

This type of virtual onboarding platform mirrors the standard, in-person employee onboarding platform for incoming new hires. However, remote onboarding is accomplished at a distance which creates a host of challenges for new hires when it comes to the overall employee experience. At the onset of the pandemic, the majority of organizations adopted a work-from-home policy. But what about new hire onboarding? The challenge to onboard and guide new hires outside the four walls of an office was daunting.

But despite the many hurdles created by COVID-19, it’s an essential requirement that your remote onboarding solution provides the same (or similar) benefits that an in-person onboarding employee experience entails. Regardless of the fact that remote working transformed our daily working lives, it was a necessity.

Thankfully, Click Boarding’s modern employee journey platform excites HR, new hires and employees by blending engagement with digital workflow into smooth, flexible solutions. From onboarding and reboarding to offboarding, the Click platform enables the configuration of intuitive workflows for seamless transitions throughout the employee journey.

Hare are the top 4 requirements to look for in a remote onboarding platform:

1. Cloud-based

The foundation of a strong remote onboarding platform is one that is centralized, secure and cloud-based. One where employees receive a personalized link to access their individual portal to securely input and access their sensitive personal information.

2. Customizable, engaging & informative

As we have recently seen, news travels fast and things rapidly change. An onboarding platform that supports this and easily enables your hiring managers and HR to add, edit and delete content and messaging as needed to keep your remote workforce informed is paramount.

3. Mobile-first onboarding

Your new hires and employees are eager for news and updates. An onboarding platform that enables you to connect with them via their phone empowers your company to text them and instantaneously update them.

4. Compliant

Your onboarding platform needs to be compliant with state, local, and federal and SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR regulations. A compliant platform, especially one with a robust library of forms and the ability to create customizable forms, enables your company to provide a compliant remote onboarding experience.

Click Boarding offers a modern onboarding platform that energizes HR and new hires by blending employee engagement, forms and digital process workflow and unified data integrations into smooth, flexible and compliant solutions. We strive to deliver a Day 1 smile on every new hire’s face. When your organization is ready to focus on an optimized employee journey, we’re here for you.

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