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Employee offboarding tips: Empathy is key

The pressure for organizations to maintain continuous “business as usual” operations during this pandemic is no small undertaking. Coupled with the reality that RIFs or layoffs may be inevitable, now is a difficult time for employers and employees. In the unfortunate event that you’re forced to offboard employees, it’s important to put your focus and energy on empathy. Be compassionate to the many feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety departing employees are experiencing.

We recommend the following tried and true employee offboarding tips during difficult times:

1. Acknowledge the obvious.

Layoffs and staff reductions of any kind suck. There’s no getting around it. This employee offboarding tip is important: during such unstable and confusing times, it’s essential that you remain professional, but it’s always okay to be human.

2. Be honest and upfront with your team and the affected employees.

Transparency goes a long way, especially in high-stress situations like company layoffs or downsizing. Be straightforward yet empathetic in your communications with affected employees.

3. Watch your language and be respectful.

A supportive and sensitive tone is critical during troubling times. As is expected with layoffs, emotions can oftentimes run high. Creating and maintaining a calm environment that’s free of negative language or actions can have a positive effect.

4. Offer support and help.

And mean it. For affected employees, consider including outplacement service options or provide referrals. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, offers an extensive list of unemployment resources – everything from resume guides to salary research, a comprehensive video library, training programs, local job fairs and much more.

5. Open communication portals.

Ensure you’re available and go out of your way to regularly check in with employees to find out how they’re feeling or how they’re coping. Sometimes, listening to and validating their concerns shows you’re hearing their concerns and that you care.

There’s no two ways about it: employee exits are always hard. But the administrative side of it doesn’t have to be. An efficient, compliant tool for seamless employee offboarding can make the world of difference.

The employee offboarding process can be difficult for employees and employers alike. The Click Boarding offboarding module allows enterprise-level companies to provide employees with a custom, consistent exit experience and a more efficient, streamlined and compliant process for HR.

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