Offboard employees intentionally.

Compliant, empathetic employee offboarding for a seamless and intuitive exit experience.

Offboard employees intentionally.

Compliant, empathetic offboarding for a seamless and intuitive exit experience.

Effective employee offboarding – in every instance.

When it comes to HR processes, the act of offboarding often falls on the back burner, receiving little to no attention. And while any organization that terms employees can say that they offboard, few do so effectively.

Whether you’re reducing your workforce, retiring team members or losing top talent on their own accord, it’s important to offboard with intention. After all, they say good companies can be measured by the way they treat employees on their way out.

  • Employees who have boomeranged back to a former employer. (Workplace Trends) 15% 15%
  • People that now look to reviews before they make career decisions. (Glassdoor) 70% 70%
  • Past employees that retain access to Salesforce, QuickBooks, & other sensitive corporate apps. (Intermedia) 89% 89%

Employee offboarding benefits

The upside of offboarding leads to positive experiences, brand security and referral/rehire potential. Poor and improper offboarding opens the floodgates to negative word of mouth, lost assets, and even legal risks.

Unexpected offboarding – in today’s economy.

The pressures to maintain business operations and adapt to our ever-changing virtual world are no small feat. In the unfortunate event that you’re forced to offboard employees through layoffs or furloughs, it’s important to remain focused on people. As for critical steps, we’ve got you covered.

18% of Americans have reported that their jobs have been cut or hours reduced since the outbreak of COVID-19.

NPR | March 14, 2020

Employee Offboarding – where to start.

Employees often go through a poor offboarding experience that’s inconsistent, lacking in empathy, and generally unpleasant. Not exactly the best last impression to leave with an employee.

An effective offboarding program provides an effortless way to engage employees with a seamless, customized exit experience. It also makes the exit process much more efficient, streamlined, and compliant for HR.

To help you optimize your offboarding efforts more efficiently, we’ve built a helpful checklist for consistent, foolproof offboarding.

A helpful checklist for seamless employee exits.

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The Click Difference

Click Boarding offers a seamless, compliant offboarding solution to help you engage employees, streamline HR and boost compliance. Key offboarding features include:

Offboarding Portal

A unique portal for the employee transition with empathetic language & tone


Customized offboarding URL & email messaging to the affected employees

Workflow Management

Ability to create and assign tasks for such things as asset retrieval and services shut off

“If you want to create a better employment onboarding process you need an interface like Click Boarding. I haven’t found anything better!”

Senior VP, Chief of Strategy, Global Human Capital | Fortune 10 Company

Meet the changing demands of today’s world with efficient offboarding.

Exit employees with class.