Is Your Onboarding Process Seamless?

Benefits of a Seamless Onboarding Process

The need for a superior candidate experience is driving many of today’s recruitment and hiring trends. What does this have to do with new hire onboarding process?

New hires are vulnerable during the first six months up to a year during their new job, making it imperative the candidate experience is a representation of what’s to come. The days of paper pushing new hire documents are over. If a company doesn’t have a paperless system to handle their onboarding system, they might be viewed as outdated, which doesn’t bode well for the new generation of candidates. Employers today have to compete with a great candidate experience to win over top talent and that extends to new employee onboarding too.

We’ve put together a shopping guide for employers looking to turn their new hire onboarding process into something reflective of the values and ethics of their company and, ultimately, keep the employer brand they’ve worked so hard to establish intact as new employees are brought on.

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Step 1: Go Paperless

Companies with a standard onboarding process are in a much better position to develop and retain new employees than those without. In fact, these companies experience 54% greater new hire productivity. Moreover, the ease and security of a paperless onboarding system keep managers focused on acquainting new hires with their job and fostering the growth of their strengths.

To do: Scope out today’s plethora of HR tech for the best paperless onboarding software for your company’s budget. Remember to take into account the savings incurred from having paperless system when weighing the options. Some of the best onboarding software out there does much more than just house new hire documents. A seamless onboarding process does so much more!

Step 2: Use implementation speed to your advantage

Some paperless onboarding systems can take months to make ready for use. The faster the time to implement, the sooner a company’s newest hires can become productive employees. Ironically, employees who go through a longer onboarding process gain full proficiency 4 months faster than those with a shorter process. Get the ball rolling as soon as possible so your company can reap the benefits of a fully productive new hire.

To do: During your research, look for onboarding software with configurable technology and agile implementation methodologies so you can experience an immediate return on your investment. 

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Step 3: Don’t forget about customization

What’s fantastic about the candidate experience revolution is it has provided employers with the opportunity to flash their brand on every piece of content they put out. Employers can reinforce their credibility and have seamless, customized processes for their employees. 55% of employers have a proactive employer branding strategy. Don’t leave new hire onboarding out of that strategy.

To do: Employees today want personalization. When shopping for onboarding software, employers should seek out those with customized branding features for things such as email correspondence and the talent portal, which is the first thing new employees see when they log on. Moreover, a flexible system that allows companies to keep their current onboarding process and rules intact is a must.

Step 4: Reach for the stars with an onboarding software that does more

Accountability. Productivity. Engagement. All ingredients for a stellar employee, but when managers are being stretched thin, they barely have the time to follow up with new hires. Did you know half of today’s workforce doesn’t strongly believe they know what’s expected of them at work? You don’t want to become part of that statistic.

To do: Managers can free up time for new hire development and training by having an onboarding system with accountability features that remind new hires about document deadlines and onboarding analytics that track the efficiency of your onboarding process from day one.

New hire onboarding is so much more than signing a few documents. The best paperless onboarding software for your company is going to enhance the onboarding experience and warrant more time for the things that matter most to a new employee’s development. Use these steps to guide decision-making, and you’ll be well on your way to an improved and seamless experience.

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