The HR Connect Virtual Summit 2021 has commenced!

The HR Connect Virtual Summit has officially come to a close, but the connections will live on!

Last week, Team Click had the pleasure of participating in our first HR CONNECT Leadership Summit. This fully virtual show focused on innovation and opportunity by introducing strategic connections between HR executives and progressive HR technology providers. Leaders within all functions of Human Resources with complex business challenges and a need for new solutions were invited to this exclusive summit. Reversely, cutting-edge HR technology vendors attended to represent unique and qualified solutions in today’s age of digital transformation.

Click Boarding vetted as the innovative employee experience platform of choice

It was our honor to share key trends tied to end-to-end engagement opportunities at this event. We thoroughly enjoyed our intimate one-on-one chats with industry executives. Throughout our discussions on preboarding, onboarding, internal mobility, one-time HR activities and the act of offboarding, we found one common thread. The role of HR has evolved, and it’s time we delivered meaningful experiences that impact both new hire retention and the organization’s bottom line.

The show’s itinerary offered thought-leadership sessions from a variety of industry veterans. Key opinion leaders from Zoom, Forbes and Dawn – just to name a few – spoke on opportunities to help you maximize time and money for the most optimal results. Over the course of five days, the following topics were discussed:

1. Talent Hiring, Retention & Management

2. People Analytics & Future of Work

3. Employee Experience: Beyond the Paycheck

4. HR Strategy & Leadership Development

5. COVID-19 Workplace Behavior & Disaster Recovery

6. Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

7. Diversity & Inclusion

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the next CONNECT HR Leadership Summit coming this summer. The countdown is on!

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