The First Day Begins Before the First Day

The first day of work for anyone can be filled with stress and uncertainty. And first impressions are tough. But we’re here to help! Take a look at our top three tips to make the right impression on your new hire’s first day.

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking and exciting for everyone. From the moment your new hire accepts the offer, all the way through their first day in the office, make sure that the excitement outweighs the anxiousness. Some things that you can try during this period of the onboarding process are:

  • Connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn and let them know you’re happy they joined the team.
  • Get as much of the paperwork done as soon as you can. Getting it done before the first day will keep them connected and make their first day less about forms and more about fun!
  • Send them any training materials or videos that can help prepare them for that very first week.

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Introduce Them to Your Culture

Help make new hires feel more comfortable by introducing them to the team and your company’s culture. For example: do they know that every third Monday is pajama day? Who do they go to if they’re stuck on a project? Do they know that Steve likes to bake cupcakes for the office on Fridays and that the big boss hates meetings? Every workplace is different. Let them know the rules now so they feel confident in their new space later.

Tip: To fully utilize your employees first day, make sure they spend significant time with their mentor. Company tours, how the coffee machine works and any inspiring thoughts are more than welcome.

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Hit the Ground Running

Nothing is worse than sitting at your desk with nothing to do. Your new hire was brought in for a reason, and they want to be put to work! Let them contribute during company meetings, set them up for success with a small project or to get them right in the trenches with the rest of their team.

If they need to go through a training program before you let them loose, make sure they understand the work they’ll be accomplishing in the future by setting goals and milestones.

Try this: Show your new employee a past project from start to finish. Give them an idea of what part they would have worked on and what future projects they will have a hand in making.

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The first day can be a stressful day for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is key and including the whole team in the onboarding process will make everything run smoother. Ready to make your new hire’s first day their best day? Start with a great candidate experience and an even better first impression.

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