Simply a New Approach to Onboarding

We believe the recruiting process never ends for a candidate nor does a company get a second chance to make a first impression. A great onboarding solution is more than a software application providing a website to simply manage forms, I9/E-Verify and workflows. Our comprehensive employee onboarding software is focused on the new hire experience by not only leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology, but also embracing regulatory compliance and providing a Candidate Care services team as an extension of your company.

Simple. Friendly. Intuitive.

A great onboarding software should engage new hires as soon as they accept the offer. Our global employee onboarding software solution does that by simplifying the onboarding process. We do more than collect information and provide a content management portal; we guide the new hire through the information and activities you deem important to their success. Here is how we initiate engagement:

  • Our user experience experts have stripped away all the distractions, making it easy for your new hires to complete the activity at hand
  • We provide the new hire direct access to our team of onboarding specialists
  • We measure engagement and trigger alerts when new hires do not meet onboarding objectives, making course correction easy

New Hire Experience and Engagement is the Primary Goal

Our solution is hyper-focused on delivering a simple, friendly and intuitive experience. In addition, we provide a top-notch Candidate Care services team that can take it a step further. Our Candidate Care onboarding specialists to make the onboarding experience even more enjoyable by:

  • Placing welcome calls as soon as a new hire accepts the offer explaining the next steps
  • Proactively contacting new hires who have fallen behind or need reassurance they made the right employment choice
  • Answering questions relating to the onboarding process or activities including any technical problems the new hire may have

We Embrace Compliance

Other onboarding companies run from regulatory compliance because they are not willing to take on the associated risks. At Click Boarding, we embrace compliance. Not only have we partnered with a leading international law firm, but we also built our employee onboarding software on a bedrock of compliance best practices. We offer:

  • Compliance reviews and onboarding best practice recommendations designed to simplify and improve your onboarding process
  • Proactive notifications of regulatory changes so you are always aware of pending legal action with access to a robust online compliance library
  • Up-to-date onboarding best practices HR forms and processes to reduce the burden on your internal compliance team

If you want an employee onboarding software that is built with your goals in mind, then you need Click Boarding. Give us a call at 866-728-5001 or email to learn more.