Getting ready to make a round of hires? Bringing on new employees is an investment for firm’s time and money. Sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding is not cheap and once the new hire gets to work it can take about 5 months for them to reach full productivity levels. Seems like there’s no way to get around these facts, right?… Wrong. We’ve put together 5 pieces to help you increase productivity for new hires and decrease costs. It’ll be a win-win, for sure.


How to Get New Employees Up to Speed


Higher retention rates, engaged employees and effective communication are just a few of the advantages to having the proper onboarding procedures. Making the most of a new hire’s first few months can contribute greatly to their career development, as well as help employers learn what they’re doing right in the early stages of hiring. Read more on how to get new hires up to speed the right way…


Be Welcoming to Improve New Hire Productivity


That first day on the job… has the potential to be an employee’s best or worst day on the job. It’s the same for you as an employer. You’ve spent nearly a month or more searching for the right candidate and using a lot of time and money to find them. The last thing you want to do is waste all of this effort by placing the new hire in a poor onboarding program. If it’s bad enough, they might just become one of the 4% that leave the company on their first day. Learn what to do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you…


Creating a Culture of Innovation from Day One


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Albert Einstein’s simple words are a reminder that if we want to witness change, succeed and move forward, we have to do things differently. It’s a struggle for companies to inspire innovative cultures because the journey of achieving it is often painstaking and wrought with failure. Take these steps to foster innovation in your company…


How to Decrease the Cost of Hiring a New Employee


Recruiting new employees can cost a pretty corporate penny. But the price tag of a new hire doesn’t stop after they’ve accepted your job offer. It continues through the onboarding, orientation and training processes. The key is understanding where you’re spending the most money and where a change in the hiring process would make the most impact. Check out these tips on where to look and how to decrease the cost…


Get More Efficient with Your New Hire Onboarding. Here’s How:


Companies overlook new hire onboarding. It’s what they do. They’re so busy sourcing, interviewing, and hiring new candidates, they forget that what you do after a candidate accepts the offer is just as important as all the steps that lead up to it. If your company’s bleeding good employees or missing out on candidates because they’re tired of waiting for the official offer, you might have a new hire onboarding issue. Find out how to see those issues and how to fix them to be more efficient…


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