Top 5 Reasons Consulting Firms Need Modern Onboarding

Why onboarding is so important

One of the challenges of consulting is handling onboarding with each new client, as every client requires something different. Information and paperwork, such as background checks, drug tests, NDA’s, and W-9’s are often needed. Data security and sensitivity, including HIPAA regulations, GDPR, insider trading, and other industry-specific data requirements are common. Not to mention location, dress-code, and company culture concerns.

Each new client engagement is a minefield of risk – from data breaches and fines to irreparable reputation damage.

Modern onboarding is the key to getting your project team off to a good start, impressing your client, and being compliant with the regulations of that industry. 

Top 5 reasons consulting firms need modern onboarding

1. Productivity Acceleration

Not to be a cliché but time is money, especially in the consulting world. Don’t let your team members dither away precious time with a poorly planned and executed onboarding process and mountains of paperwork.  

Enable your team to be immediately productive with the client by providing a modular, mobile-first guided onboarding process that walks them through every step of the process. Include where to go on the first day, the dress code, and information about the client.

2. Compliance

You can stack your team with the best possible contributors, without being bound by geographic constraints, if you have a system capable of handling ever-changing state and local regulations. 

3. Scalability

Sustainable, automated onboarding and offboarding drives scalability. By eliminating manual intervention from your onboarding process your ability to take on new clients quickly expands.  

 4. Knowledge Advantage

Equipping your team members with information about the company culture enables them to excel from the start. You could provide videos, fact sheets, and more during the automated onboarding process – anything that will help them easily integrate with the new client.

5. Offboarding

Seamless offboarding is sure to impress your clients – as you systematically turn off security access, return ID badges and assets, and end the engagement with all loose ends tied into a nice bow. 

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