The Surprising ROI of Axe Throwing with Your New Hires 

It might sound crazy, but have you ever thought about taking your new hires axe throwing with the team?

 Rest assured, it’s not that crazy. It’s actually a great way to help new employees squash new job jitters, assuming you go to a legitimate axe throwing venue and aren’t just randomly throwing axes around.  

One of the most important parts of onboarding new employees is introducing them to their colleagues and helping them find their social circle within the organization. Team outings are a great way for coworkers to relax and get to know each other. All you need is an engaging activity with a shared purpose and food.

 What makes a good outing?

          An activity that requires partial attention and some degree of technical or mental skill


          Minor competition

          A little something to eat

Which is why axe throwing is (surprisingly) ideal – it’s an easy activity that fosters a slightly competitive atmosphere and has ample opportunities for high fives and shared laughs (i.e. when the axe misses the target altogether).

If axe throwing isn’t your thing, check out these fun and engaging new hire (or anytime!)  team building ideas:

           Ropes course

          Cook-off competition

          Indoor skydiving

          Build a car workshop

          Escape the room


          Cornhole tournament

          Learn to paint class

          Ping pong tournament

          Sailing 101 course

 Getting your employees together away from the office, especially with new hires, gives them the time and space to develop trust and camaraderie – critical components of working well together. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

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