The Power of Curated Onboarding

Imagine the feeling of wearing a new suit for a moment. Think of a handmade, custom suit that’s been perfectly tailored – the sublime fit, the cut, the drape. Compare that to an off the rack suit, that sadly hangs and kind of fits but not really. It’ll get the job done, but it won’t make you feel like an invincible rock star in the process.

The bespoke option represents an investment in time, quality and resources while the off the rack option shows a hastiness and unwillingness to commit to a quality product. It’s the difference between a long-term commitment and a cheap fix.

This is a lot like onboarding for your new hires, where the difference between a cookie-cutter and curated experience is vast. Dedicating the time and resources to develop and execute a curated onboarding program for your new hires demonstrates your commitment to the success of your new hires. 

We know, if your process is still manual or paper-based this might sound like a daunting, if not altogether impossible task. But bear with us, curating the onboarding experience can be surprisingly simple, even if you haven’t taken the leap to automated onboarding yet.

The key is to think through the onboarding process for each of your roles and develop a flow chart of what needs to be included. Use the list below as a starting point and establish a framework for curated onboarding.

  •   Role
  •   Role Expectations
  •   Seniority Level
  •   Team Introductions
  •   Project / Strategy Introduction
  •   Location
  •   Location Immersion (if needed)
  •   Security
  •   Workflows
  •   Learning and Development
  •   Social components – team lunches, mentor alignment, etc.

A curated onboarding experience empowers new hires to hit the ground running and feel like they’re showing up on their first day in a metaphorical bespoke suit. Automating this process will take your organization to the next level and ensure each new hire experiences the same great onboarding. 

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