Q&A with Click Boarding

Interviewer: Vice President of Marketing, Karen Redetzki
Interviewee: Chief Revenue Officer, Christine Marino

Q: What was Click Boarding’s inspiration to build an onboarding solution?

A: We heard directly from HR practitioners that new hires were extremely dismayed – as a result of having to complete a confusing, laborious, difficult onboarding process. It became very clear to us that no one was properly addressing onboarding. No one was really looking at engaging the new hire to result in a positive onboarding experience.

Q: What’s Click Boarding’s vision?

A: For HR to recognize Click Boarding as their preferred onboarding solution, and for HR providers such as yourselves to recognize Click Boarding as the preferred onboarding partner. This can only be achieved if we deliver a great experience to HR, to new hires, and to our partners, which is how we’ve begun and how we intend to continue – deliver great experiences first and foremost.

Q: What are HR’s top concerns?

A: HR is under intense and increasing pressure to deliver a better experience to employees to help stop sinking retention rates, deliver high scores on employee satisfaction surveys, and increase productivity without increasing costs, just to name a few.

Q: What is HR doing to address their top concerns?

A: More and more, HR is seeking out solutions that deliver on a few core needs:

  1. Solutions that help HR be more efficient
  2. Solutions that help HR deliver great experiences to employees
  3. Secure SaaS or cloud solutions to enable safe and remote access, and that integrate well with other HR systems

Specific to onboarding, industry research shows that organizations who’ve standardized their onboarding process and automated the related tasks, have found vast improvements in employee retention rates and new hire productivity.

Q: Is HR ready to embrace onboarding, delivered as a software solution?

A: HR is realizing that the automation of processes and tasks is allowing them to be more efficient, and more engaged with the new hires, not less, as what was previously feared by some.

HR has also found that electronic forms and content can be delivered safely – given they use a secure solution – and new hires are thrilled to consume content and complete forms when and where it’s convenient for them.

Q: What should HR be considering when evaluating an onboarding solution provider?


  1. Be sure the onboarding provider delivers a complete onboarding solution. As Elaine Orler, CEO of Talent Function and Chairman of The Talent Board has often pointed out, a vendor is not truly an onboarding provider unless they deliver on all of the core components:
    • Forms management
    • Task administration
    • New hire socialization
  2. HR should demand a self-service onboarding solution they don’t need to worry about or fuss with – one that doesn’t require ‘set-up and implementation’ as HR has experienced from software providers in the past. One that can play well with your other HR software systems as needed. One that HR believes has an intuitive user interface that would be easiest to use.
  1. HR should find a provider that treats its clients like partners. A provider that has onboarding and compliance experts at the ready to help HR achieve their goals. And like your new hires, make sure you like them!

Q: We all know that content is king, and now it’s even taken a seat at the throne in the onboarding process. Can you explain? 

A: Onboarding must evolve to become a more engaging experience for the new hire. That means more personalized, branded, and dynamic content for the new hire to consume in the onboarding process. The new hire content creation objective should be one of engagement and socialization, with the goal to help get them up and running by day one, not after week one. To help get new hires feeling great about the brand, the company, the team. To retain them. More and more HR professionals are utilizing content production resources – from writers to designers – to help fulfill this dire need.

Q: What does the future of onboarding hold?


  1. The intensity to build and deliver to the employee experience will only get stronger
  2. Employees won’t tolerate consuming or completing tasks, forms, and content on paper
  3. Employees will expect all delivery to be on-demand and to work on any device

Bottom line, the one who delivers the easiest, most accessible, best new hire experience will win. Click Boarding will see you at the finish line.

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