Employee Onboarding Certificate

An onboarding leader… 2 years in a row!

Last year, in the midst of a global pandemic, Click Boarding was recognized by HR Tech Outlook as one of 2020’s Top Employee Onboarding Solution Providers. In the thrills of recapping this exciting feat, we stated that change is inevitable. In the case of this annual listing, however, we’ve claimed ourselves a repeat reward! And we’re still just as excited.

Like many HR-focused organizations, HR Tech Outlook has stepped up to the plate following the drastic, life-altering impacts of COVID-19. Their refined focus is to “create a superlative experience for the employees,” ultimately improving the quality of their lives. Our team of Clicksters couldn’t agree more. It’s time to put our employees first, and we’re ecstatic to be a part of the revolution driving experiences that elevate employees, at a human level.

Within their prestigious 2021 onboarding awards, HR Tech Outlook featured Click Boarding front and center within the employee experience spotlight! The article praised our innovative, employee-first approach to onboarding and employee transitions. This is particularly important as we navigate the ongoing challenges and roadblocks created by the pandemic.

The following perspectives were highlighted in the article as well as a number of themes we see for Click and the workforce at large, in the coming months: 

1. Now is the time for change
Amid elevated expectations and the detrimental impact of turnover, top-notch employee experiences have become vital. In response, organizations must step up or step aside. According to HR Tech Outlook, “businesses must steer clear of outdated processes and tools and adopt a technology-led and people-centric battle plan.”

2. Employee experiences are long-term
While Click has made a name for ourselves in new hire onboarding, that’s only the beginning. The automated and streamlined workflows within our platform keep the positive momentum going strong, well into the employees’ tenure. In addition, employee engagement opportunities start right out of the gate, and they never truly end. Even an optimal offboarding experience is crucial for brand reputation as well as boomerang potential from top performers.

3. IT integrations are everything
No single vendor can do it all. That’s why Click intentionally augments and extends existing tech to deliver a complete turnkey solution. Thankfully, our engineers wholly understand this! Our entire team focuses on providing rapidly scaling technology solutions in a world of high data sensitivity and integrity. As any Clickster will tell you, this is core to serving our customers and continually delivering on the promise of excellence.

4. The future is bright
If you thought Team Click would stop at employee lifecycle events, you thought wrong. We have quite the offer up our sleeve and underway in beta testing. That is ClickRetain, our newest product enhancement that’s designed to optimize the power of science and data to deliver an employee retention solution like no other.

Want the full story? Make sure to check out the complete article from HR Tech Outlook!

Now what?

Your employees deserve more. And given increased employee expectations and higher standards, they’ve come to expect it. It’s time to treat your team members as true family members, intentionally and thoughtfully transforming them from candidates to advocates.

Click Boarding’s fully compliant and ever-engaging employee journey platform excites HR, new hires and employees by blending engagement with digital workflows into smooth, flexible and scalable solutions. We deliver rich employee lifecycle experiences for instant and long-lasting impressions to transition employees in, through and out of the organization at scale and with ease.

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