The Recruitment Flex Podcast #2 with Mike Ehrle and predictions of what's to come in 2024

“Everyone wants to solve for onboarding but I have not seen another [solution] that goes so deep and that can configure to such unique needs.” – Mike Ehrle

Team Click is back in the saddle with The Recruitment Flex podcast for another interview with Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst. Their famous podcast tops the charts in Canada, sharing the latest trends and ideas in recruitment today. For their latest podcast, they interviewed Click CEO, Mike Ehrle to explore what is new in onboarding and some upcoming trends to come.

Strategic Partnership with Alight

In October of 2023, our collaboration with Alight led to the creation of a product we call Alight Employee Onboarding (AEO). With a simple 2-page change order, Alight can seamlessly incorporate Click Boarding. Leveraging tools like Alight Benefits Guidance, they can push open enrollment for new hires before day one, utilizing our relationship to enhance the onboarding and preboarding experience.

Click Retain – Anticipating Employee Engagement

Click Retain addresses the need to understand employee satisfaction and engagement. We analyze why individuals join the organization by capturing baseline data, workflow insights, and key themes. This touchpoint, developed over two years, provides proactive insights to reduce turnover using scientifically proven data points, contributing to higher engagement and usage.

The Importance of Preboarding

“13 seconds after the offer letter goes out – that’s when onboarding starts.” – Mike Ehrle The term preboarding highlights the digital nature of the initial relationship. Employers must leverage this moment to positively represent their brand, ensuring excitement from offer acceptance until the start date.

Onboarding Ownership and Integration with Technology

The question of onboarding ownership often arises within Talent Acquisition (TA) teams, and integrating onboarding into technology emerges as a strategic solution. This approach streamlines the entire process, effectively overcoming challenges associated with consistently training hiring managers. Minimizing ghosting is a critical aspect, with Ellis Healthcare’s remarkable success in reducing ghosting from 54% to less than 2%, attributed to technology-driven workflows that promptly alert hiring managers to incomplete steps in the onboarding process. Click Boarding goes further, aspiring for hyper-personalization. Currently, workflows adapt based on individual categories, location, role, and much more depending on the needs of the company. This underscores the significance of personalized onboarding in large organizations with diverse job categories.

Preboarding Misconceptions

Preboarding addresses the Valley of Uncertainty, reducing anxiety before the start date by providing essential information. While some states have stricter rules, innovative approaches can navigate compliance challenges, ensuring necessary tasks are completed before day one.

2024 Predictions in HR

The future of onboarding is predicted to be a part of a larger trend, driven by workforce shifts and generational wealth transfers. Organizations must prioritize brand improvement, as bad experiences are likely to be shared, and the need to rehire former employees becomes crucial.

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