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Simplifying Healthcare Onboarding

Transforming Healthcare Onboarding

Navigating the complexities of onboarding in the healthcare sector can be a daunting task. At Click Boarding, our mission is to assist healthcare organizations in addressing the unique challenges they face during the onboarding and employee retention process.

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Our Dedication to Healthcare

Recognizing the intricate nature of healthcare onboarding, we are committed to alleviating the complexities that often arise within the industry.

Common Challenges in Healthcare Onboarding

  • Regulatory Compliance: The healthcare industry is renowned for its rigorous regulations and standards. Staying compliant can be a constant struggle, with the rules frequently evolving.
  • Paperwork Overload: The mountains of paperwork, encompassing forms, policies, and procedures, can create bottlenecks and inefficiencies, impeding the onboarding process.
  • Communication Gaps: Coordinating between HR, IT, and departmental heads can lead to miscommunication and confusion, which, in turn, affects the overall onboarding experience.
  • Credentialing Delays: Verifying licenses, certifications, and credentials is a crucial step in the hiring process. However, when steps are missed, this can be costly and frustrating.

How Click Boarding Can Assist

Our technology puts healthcare organizations ahead of the hiring and retention curve through automation. Our orchestrated workflows help healthcare organizations onboard and retain better. In addition, we also help with:

Learn how Ellis Hospital increased their HR KPIs up to 99%

Ellis Medicine

Explore our healthcare case study where we successfully slashed paperwork,  significantly reduced candidate ghosting, and drastically reduced time-to-fill roles. Witness how our innovative solutions revolutionized the hiring process, delivering efficiency and mobile candidate experiences.

Learn How Custom Forms Helped Christian Living Community


Dive into our case study featuring Christian Living Community (CLC), where we overcame compliance hurdles, automated preboarding processes, and slashed administrative burdens. Witness how our customized form solutions revolutionized CLC’s HR and compliance operations, delivering efficiency and consistency across their multiple locations.

What makes Click Boarding the preferred choice?

Customize our platform to meet your healthcare organization's specific needs, including specialty-specific onboarding processes


Tailor our platform to meet your healthcare organization’s unique needs, including specialty-specific onboarding processes. Utilize unlimited configurable process flows that your admin can easily create – whether you are onboarding a nurse, physician, or any other specialty.

Experience a user-friendly interface that simplifies onboarding for administrators and new hires

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface makes onboarding a breeze for both administrators and new hires, ensuring a seamless transition into your organization and reducing the time and effort required to get everyone up to speed.

Eliminate third-party delays with Click Boarding's proprietary in-platform e-signature, ideal for timely form completion within your organization

Proprietary e-signature

Eliminate the need for a 3rd party platform that can cause delays in getting forms completed on time. Click Boarding’s proprietary e-signature is built within the platform and can be used throughout your organization.

From platform implementation to ongoing support, we offer top-notch customer support and training to empower your team with our platform

Comprehensive Support

From platform implementation to seasoned customers, we provide top-notch customer support and training to ensure your team can make the most of our platform.

Click Boarding starts the minute your new employee says “yes” and follows them through the entire employee journey.


From the minute your new employee accepts their offer Click Boarding delivers key communications, so they are prepared before day one.


Reduce your time to onboard and time to productivity with automated workflows that can easily be customized by role, department, or location.

Mergers & AcquisitionsCrossboarding

Don’t let your employees get lost in an administrative system whether they’re changing roles, departments, or locations. Easily transition your employees.

Click Retain Employee Retention Software Cadenced SurveysRetention

Catch problems early with anonymous or confidential surveys and understand how your new hires and employees are doing at your organization.


Offboard employees with dignity and consistency so they aren’t left wondering what they need to do when they leave.

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