New Job? 10 Things NOT to Do Before Your First Day

1. Don’t overstep boundaries

There’s a line between business and personal that needs to be respected. Don’t pry about your hiring manager’s personal life or make comments that are too familiar. Keep things professional, especially at the start.

2. Don’t be disrespectful

Your hiring manager likely mentioned an open door policy. However, this isn’t a green light to pop in their office constantly or call every hour. Be respectful of their time and space.

3. Don’t ask dumb questions

We know, you’ve heard your whole life that there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Well… that’s not exactly true, especially if you were given the tools and resources to figure things out. Simply put, take a moment, do a quick (google) search, and use your resources before emailing your hiring manager.

4. Don’t send gifts

Gifts can be a symbol of gratitude or friendship, but they can easily be misconstrued. They can make your hiring manager uncomfortable if it’s too personal or an off-color gift. Skip sending a gift before you start.

5. Don’t stalk on social

Don’t send a Facebook invite, like photos on Instagram, or try to connect with any of their personal sites. It’s fine to connect on LinkedIn or follow on Twitter but don’t invade their personal space on the other social sites. Sending comments like, ‘looks like you had a great weekend!’ after seeing their photos on a social site is only going to create an uncomfortable situation so just don’t do it.

6. Don’t curse

Many people find cursing rude and offensive … so don’t do it! Minding your language is a simple way to show respect and be professional. 

7. Don’t bring loads of things with you your first day

Be mindful of your new office space and respect the cultural norms. Yes, bring some personal items but understand the space where you will be working before you bring in scented candles and party pictures.

8. Don’t forget to do your research

Read up on competitors, check the news, and brush up on industry trends. Be prepared with some insightful thoughts/ conversation starters with your new colleague.

9. Don’t trust the Waze time estimate

Test drive your commute during rush hour to see how long it actually takes. The last thing you need is to show up frazzled and late on your first day. No one wants to hear “waze screwed up” or “google maps rerouted me”…

10. Don’t assume anything

Think you know what your hours are? What to wear? Where to park? Don’t assume, ask! These are questions you can’t get answered by Google so make a brief, bulleted list and ask your new manager.

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