First Impression

Here’s a quick PSA for all employees looking to welcome a new hire to their team. Avoid the complicated pitfalls of social interactions, and follow the guide below to ensure a great first impression.

DO prepare for the new hire ahead of time using an automated onboarding platform.

× DON’T forget, say “OH SHOOT!! Woops. They don’t really need a computer. Right?” and pretend that nothing happened.

DO try and make them feel welcome by having someone bring in coffee, treats, or scheduling a happy hour.

× DON’T only buy enough to feed a few people. It doesn’t matter if you think the other departments don’t deserve it. It’s called sharing and it’s good for you.

DO politely say hello and use their name if you know it.

× DON’T say “hi champ!” and smack ‘em on the backside.

DO introduce yourself in a friendly manner and explain what you do.

× DON’T just show up for the free coffee, doughnuts, or beer.

DO try to learn more about them and find common interests.

× DON’T laugh if their interestes turn out to be different than yours.

DO invite them out for lunch.

× DON’T “forget” to bring them along or make them pay for the entire team.

DO try and be available to answer any questions.

× DON’T be a jerk about answering those questions- even if you think the new teammate should know the answer already.

DO be friendly.

× DON’T go overboard and give them a big bear hug unless you’ve read, and fully understand, Tim Sackett’s Rules About Hugging at Work.

DO tell them to have a good night before leaving for the day.

× DON’T make them terrified to come back.

DO be kind and patient.

× DON’T forget that you were new once too.

Follow these simple steps, and you’re guaranteed to look like a decent, professional human being. You may even get a new friend out of it.

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