The Retention Revolution: Leveraging Employee Feedback and Onboarding to Keep First-Year Employees Engaged and Productive Webinar

Join Click Boarding for its latest webinar, “Retention Revolution: Leveraging Employee Feedback and Onboarding to Keep First-Year Employees Engaged and Productive.” This session will feature a panel of experts including Brad Mandacina, CEBS, ISCEBS Fellow at Lockton, Anne Burkett, National Practice Leader from CSI, Corinna Nation, Senior Advisor from IA, and Janette Kresser and Josh Hoover from Click Boarding. The panel will explore the critical role of employee retention in onboarding and first-year new hires and the significance of measuring employee engagement and sentiment. Join us for an insightful discussion on how to leverage feedback and onboarding to retain employees and foster productivity.


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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your employee retention strategies! On Jul 18, 2023, 12:00 PM (CST),  gain valuable insights from industry experts on leveraging feedback and onboarding to keep your first-year employees engaged and productive. Join us for the webinar and take the first step towards building a stronger, more successful workforce. Reserve your spot today via our Zoom webinar below!


Meet our Panel

Anne Burkett at USI

Anne Burkett

Anne Burkett leads USI’s employer workforce strategic initiatives; related explicitly to voluntary benefits, total rewards, and HR technology consulting. Anne is responsible for strategic partnerships, development of innovative tools and resources that lend to the overall success of USI’s clients. Anne also leads a team of well-trained and experienced consultants who support USI clients go to market initiatives for HR technology. Prior to joining USI in 2016, Anne was Chief Operating Officer at Benefit Technology Resources, the leading mid-market HR technology consulting firm in the country during exponential growth and expanded business lines. Her early career was as an HR practitioner gathering real-life experience similar to our clients. Originally from Kentucky, Anne lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and daughter.

Brad Mandacina - Lockton

Brad Mandacina

Brad is a Senior Vice President and Director of Lockton’s Workforce Tech Solutions practice. The team helps hundreds of employers per year remove inefficiencies and manual processes, find effective ways to engage with employees and help them become better consumers of their benefits. Brad is a keynote speaker, contributes to various industry publications, and named a top benefit technology innovator.

Corrina Nation from IA

Corrina Nation

With more than 12 years of cross-functional experience including HR, total rewards, and benefits, Corrina has guided clients from all geographies and verticals on their transformational journeys. Prior to joining IA, she held several strategic roles within a global brokerage firm, where she developed health and welfare cost containment programs and implemented an internal technology division. She has supported business development, steered enterprise client technology transformation projects, and blended her technical systems expertise with her extensive knowledge of the provider market to help organizations thrive. Corrina has spent her career developing a unique voice and point of view that she adamantly uses for her client’s benefit. Corrina is a graduate of Florida State University.

Janette Kessler from Click Boarding

Jannette Kresser

Jannette Kresser is the Product Manager for Click Retain, an employee engagement and sentiment tool designed to increase retention of employees, especially during their first year of employment. Prior to joining Click Boarding, Jannette worked in HR Tech consulting which allowed her to obtain a broad understanding of the HR Tech Market as well as the functionality that is available to employers today. Her diverse background also allows her insight into the needs of employers and employees alike, especially in regard to employee retention and DEIB. Jannette graduated from NMSU with a degree in Sociology & Counseling and Educational Psychology with studies in Organizational Sociology.

Josh Hooverr from Click Boarding

Josh Hoover

Josh Hoover holds the role of Executive Vice President of Click Boarding’s Customer Service. In this position, he oversees an innovative and talented group of account staff and client accounts. Josh’s broad experience spans more than a decade of Consulting, Human Resources, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing. Josh offers a fresh perspective in HR Technology Consulting as a professional who has managed and sold payroll, developed an HRIS solution, and programmed databases. As such, he has seen the HR process from every position. Josh is passionate about working with clients to find technology to solve their problems and streamline their processes. He finds that developing long-term, strategic relationships is paramount to offering exceptional consulting services and solutions.


The Retention Revolution: Leveraging Employee Feedback and Onboarding to Keep First-Year Employees Engaged and Productive Webinar Panel