Talent is no doubt what makes an organization great, but when it comes to all of the processes and checklists for the talent lifecycle, it’s easy to find yourself going down a rabbit hole. From employer brand to performance management, and everything in between, keeping track of best practices can become a task itself. Don’t fret though, we have you covered with a little help from the pros:

The 2nd Biggest Mistake in Employer Brand – Failing to Measure Employer Brand Strength

“You must be able to show executives that when your employer branding strength goes up, proportionally so do your results in recruiting and retention. Without that correlation between brand strength and improved recruiting, executives will likely attribute the better recruiting results to some other factor, like luck or a higher rate of unemployment.” – Dr. John Sullivan, (@DrJohnSullivan)

An effective employer brand strategy attracts candidates, but how is it measured? Or how do you know it’s working? This post in ERE | Recruiting Intelligence breaks down 12 direct employer brand strength measures.

How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

“Yet it’s hard to accurately vet potential candidates. Cold job interviews can be an unreliable litmus test for hiring. Even the traditional green-light for someone who’s graduated from an Ivy league school has been proven more noise than signal.” – Cooper Harris, (@CooperHarris)

Recruiting the right people is always hard because how do you know they’re really right for your organization. This post from Forbes gives a few quick strategies to use to help narrow down your pool of candidates through networking to ensure you bring on the right person for the job.

Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Employee Onboarding Program

“When it comes to new employees, hiring is only the beginning of a much larger process. If you want to set your new team members up for success, you need to create an effective employee onboarding process that makes the transition into a new role happen smoothly, efficiently, and without any major obstacles.” – Nick Lucs, (@NickLucs)

Don’t we know it… onboarding can make or break a hire and this post from Business2Community really breaks it down with steps and takeaways for before the new hire starts, during their first week, and after their first week.

The 5 Must-Use Steps to Successfully Conduct a Performance Review with Employees

“For many companies, the beginning of 2016 represents the middle of the fiscal year, which brings with it several measures for checking in on the success of the business to date. It also brings forward one of the most important health indicators of any company – the health, happiness, engagement and performance of employees through the delivery of mid-year performance reviews.” – Craig Cincotta, (@CraigCin)

Although it’s not quite the beginning of the year anymore, this advice still holds true. Once you’ve brought on a great hire, you want to keep them and watch them grow and advance within the organization. The only way to ensure this happens is through some top-notch performance management. This post from Entrepreneur breaks down 5 steps to have the best performance reviews yet.

It can be tough navigating through the talent lifecycle and hitting all the right steps but there is no shame enlisting a little help from the experts to get it done. Of course, the experts here at Click Boarding are always here to help you get through your onboarding checklist. Schedule a live demo today to learn more.

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