New Employee Onboarding Process Strategies SPECIAL BONUS

3 New Employee Onboarding Strategies

In this blog series, we introduced three innovative, forward-thinking strategies designed to revamp – and revitalize – your new employee onboarding in this thing we call our “new normal.” As a direct result of COVID-19’s impact on employee onboarding, the importance of getting this “new onboarding” right is more paramount than ever. It’s precisely why our passionate team of HR experts and practitioners engineered these tactical steps to transform your onboarding and take it from underwhelming to unforgettable:

But we’re Click Boarding, and we couldn’t stop there. Why? Because you have to have an action plan in place, and we can help.

How to dive in, head first, with your Is wide open!

At the risk of sounding redundant, your employees expect more from you and your organization now; we know this as fact. Do not waste this limited window of opportunity to be truly authentic, empathetic and intentional with your new hires! It has to start at Day 0 and continue throughout their tenure at your organization.

Read this part carefully: Your new employee onboarding will make or break their long-term success and ultimately have a significant impact on your retention statistics.

Our panel of industry experts echoed this throughout our webinar at the HR Tech Symposium earlier this fall. 12 Geniuses founder Don MacPherson says that “one of the top goals in onboarding a new employee is to accelerate them to performance. Help them move from day 1 to peak productivity.” MacPherson adds that the next step is to establish and build loyalty with the new employee for long-term, continued success.

Jess Von Bank, global community leader and Head of Marketing at Leapgen, had a similar point of view. “We often fall short in onboarding because we see it as a compliance process. Instead, we should adjust our viewpoint to see onboarding as an investment opportunity to build an employee relationship.” She stresses that as HR professionals, we can deliver by fostering a seamless experience that puts the employee first. Not only will it impress new hires; you’ll be investing in their long-term success and inspiring them to reach new heights.

Creating a process for your new employee onboarding: there’s no time like the present!

First things first: take a deep breath. The information and data we covered was extensive and intense, so give it a little time to sink in and absorb. Remember: this is not about starting over from scratch or reinventing the wheel. It’s about taking the things that are working for you today, mixing in the tips and advice we’ve provided and forging ahead from there. 

Onboarding audit

We recommend auditing your current onboarding program as you begin your journey to extraordinary onboarding. Be sure to ask the right questions:

  • Which aspects of your onboarding process are working today? Which are not working?
  • What’s required due to regulations?
  • Which parts of your onboarding process generally receive positive feedback?

Focus groups

Have you considered hosting a virtual focus group with your recent new hires? In open, candid discussion like these, you’ll hear firsthand how their experience went…the good, the bad and the ugly. Feedback is golden, so listen up! The input you receive will help refine your new employee onboarding process even further.


For a more tactical approach, we recommend mapping out your current onboarding process. The next step would be to define and establish your goals. Then collaborate with your team to construct your organization’s new onboarding approach. Integrate new hire feedback to discover what it will take to achieve the best first day ever!

Scalability is a huge issue. That’s why you probably need a platform, you need a partner, you need something to build the experience on so you can deliver it consistently and effectively.


Finding, hiring, developing, activating and retaining the right talent for your business is a competitive edge you can’t afford to let dull. That’s why it’s critical to rely on tools and technology to help you. When you don’t have the physical crutches to rely on, you must create optimal experiences through a virtual environment or a distributed working model. Either way, your new employee onboarding has to be digital, intuitive and convenient. If it’s not, you’ll miss the mark. The takeaway? Ensure your existing tech stack is up to the new onboarding challenge.


Click Boarding Professional Services is the authority when it comes to understanding your business needs and requirements. Our team brings to life the new employee onboarding solution your organization needs to succeed. We’re with you every step of the way, helping you eliminate the uncertainties of your onboarding strategy throughout your implementation.

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The big picture

At Click, we’re committed to creating exceptional experiences across the entire employee journey. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the easiest, most empowering way for HR to deliver modern onboarding experiences that exceed employee expectations, maintain superior compliance and help everyone – including HR – achieve their full potential.

Your employees deserve efficient, dependable onboarding engagements through their entire lifecycle. Yes, adapting to the myriad of challenges that 2020 has shoved in front of us has been difficult. But your employee journey experience doesn’t have to be!

We’re here as your consultant to help you automate the process of new employee onboarding and delight your new hires. When you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself, we’re just a click away.

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