Click Boarding - Deconstructing the myths of onboarding part 2

Deconstructing the myths of onboarding

We’re big on employee onboarding – the engagement, the compliance, and most of all, the opportunity to wow new hires. Since we live and breathe onboarding technology every day, we thought we’d take a good look at the onboarding myths we regularly hear. Kind of like the ever-entertaining MythBusters show. 

This is part 2 of 7. Don’t miss any of the fascinating series!

Myth #2: Mobile-first employee onboarding isn’t required

If there’s one thing virtually every new hire has in common, it’s proximity to their mobile phone. An average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on their phone. 58% of job seekers look for jobs on their phone, and one of our clients shared that a full 60% of the applications they received were from candidates applying from their phone.

With stats like these, how do you engage new hires across all screens with a best-in-class onboarding experience and continuously affirm the candidate’s “YES?”

Mobile-first, web-based onboarding software empowers your team to onboard new hires directly from their mobile device of choice. There’s no app to install or anything to be downloaded. New hires simply receive an email or text with a link to kick off their onboarding journey. From there, they are guided through each onboarding step – directly on their phone.

But don’t worry, mobile-first doesn’t mean mobile-only. Support for the 40% of candidates that prefer their laptop, desktop or favorite tablet is also built-in with Click Boarding. Meet the candidate where their comfort is, and you’ve got a recipe for success. 

Our clients have experienced many benefits of mobile onboarding. These are the top 5: 

1. Improved engagement

With nearly everyone within arm’s reach of their cell phone, effortlessly communicating with new hires during preboarding and onboarding has been a boon to engagement. Clients have reported feeling a competitive advantage in engagement level due to their ability to text new hire welcome messages and easily kick off digital workflows, including  company pictures and videos.

2. Strengthened connection with remote workers

Mobile-first onboarding has enabled our clients to accelerate onboarding and forge connections with all kinds of remote workers, including field entertainment (hello, circus!), construction workers, and work-from-home employees in different states. It has also been immensely helpful at mass hiring events, where candidates can apply, get hired, and start the onboarding process right away – directly on their phone.

3. Decreased HR onboarding time

Our clients have reported significant drops in the time their HR team spent on onboarding paperwork, enabling them to focus on their mission of improving the employee experience. We’ve seen drops of over 85%. Check out some case studies here and here.

4. Increased onboarding completion rate

With previous solutions, such as paper-based onboarding, new hires often got lost in the process. Our onboarding software offers an intuitive, guided flow of events, making it easy for new hires to complete each step and increase the likelihood of candidates appearing for day one.

5. Enhanced new hire productivity

Mobile-based onboarding has also enabled new employees without computer access to complete their onboarding ‘paperwork’ before their first day at work. New hires, especially hourly employees, could begin working on their first day, instead of spending hours on onboarding paperwork.

If you would like to learn more about automating your onboarding program, we’d love to chat.

Click Boarding offers a modern onboarding platform that energizes HR and new hires by blending employee engagement, forms and digital process workflow and unified data integrations into smooth, flexible and compliant solutions. Delivering a day one smile on every new hire’s face.

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