You invest valuable time, effort, and resources sourcing the perfect candidate through a compelling employer brand, talent attraction strategy, and recruiting experience. You certainly don’t want to see your work go down the drain in the handoff from talent acquisition to talent management. Organizations without a thoughtful, defined transition between the two leave hires floating in limbo. The sizzle you create in the candidate experience is wasted if you don’t continue to drive engagement, prepare for first day readiness, begin converting talent to advocates and referral sources, and begin the ramp to productivity.

It’s important to realize that the hiring process and candidate experience isn’t over when an offer is signed or the employee starts their first day in order to retain your new talent and protect your initial investment,. Onboarding new employees (the handoff from talent acquisition to the business ) is a critical aspect of the hiring process that helps increase retention ratesboost engagement and integrate new employees into their work environment faster than ever before.

The key is to make sure that your onboarding and hiring experience are consistent and unified. That’s where our new partners at Comeet come in. Click Boarding bridges the gap between talent acquisition and talent management to help HR engage and retain talent. Comeet enables a guided candidate-to-employee experience while removing HR burdens and minimizing new hire anxiety.

About Comeet

Comeet is the simplest, most powerful hiring platform for recruiters and hiring teams to onboard and use. Little to no training is required. This is why companies refer to us as “the iPhone of recruiting” and their experience as “life changing”. Whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees, we help you make better hires faster by offering automated workflows and modules that cover every aspect of hiring and involve the entire hiring team, including recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, coordinators and executives. Learn more at:

About Click Boarding

Click Boarding is an onboarding platform that takes the stress out of employees’ first days — and beyond. The platform delivers a guided experience that removes HR burdens and minimizes employee anxiety related to any transition or internal mobility, from being a new hire, to being promoted, to changing roles or offboarding. Click Boarding bridges the gap between talent acquisition and talent management to help you engage and retain talent.

Together we empower HR and talent acquisition to “own” the process from candidate to employee, giving them more data and insights on employee satisfaction that can be applied to hiring efforts.

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