Compassionate & Compliant Employee Offboarding

Unemployment hit an unbelievable 3.3 million last week and the peak of COVID-19 hasn’t even been reached in the US yet. 

As businesses across the country cease operations, a common thread is the uncertainty around how to offboard employees compassionately, compliantly, and remotely.

In normal times, the importance of offboarding is a given – well-offboarded employees can be a great source for referrals, a boomerang as return employees, and help bolster the employer brand. But in these uncertain times, offboarding employees is even more important to ensure employees receive the right information and are treated with empathy.

But the question remains, how do you do all three, especially in times of social distancing?


The foundation of a strong remote onboarding platform is one that is centralized, secure, and cloud-based. One where employees receive a personalized link to access their individual portal to securely input and access their sensitive personal information.


Offboarding employees, especially employees spread across multiple states can be a challenge. Establishing a consistent offboarding process, for all employees, helps ensure your company is providing a compliant experience every time.

Important compliance considerations include state and local tax forms and protecting sensitive employee data.


In times of uncertainty, remote employees are looking for answers. Without clear messaging from the company, uncertainty mounts and employees don’t know where to turn for the truth.

Consistent communication while offboarding employees remotely is paramount. Reliable, steady messaging to the affected employees helps make sure employees receive the right news at the right time across all platforms.

This also ensures each employee receives the same information about offboarding procedures – such as asset retrieval, security access, and what to expect.

Click Boarding is here to help

Employee exits are always hard, but the administrative side doesn’t have to be. Click Boarding’s mobile-first onboarding and offboarding platform is scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient. It can seamlessly integrate with your HRIS, enabling you to provide a compassionate, compliant offboarding experience every time.

If you would like to learn more, our product team would love to help.

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