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Christian Living Community Case Study - Custom Forms

new hire onboarding

Christian Living Community Case Study - Custom Forms

Streamlining Processes with Custom Forms – Christian Living Community

CLC overcame compliance, preboarding, and HR process challenges through Click Boarding's solution, streamlining onboarding,...

Feld Entertainment White Paper - employee onboarding processes for entertainment industry

Onboarding Excellence: FELD Entertainment’s Transformation Journey

A large entertainment company that was able to bring their onboarding into the 21st...

onboarding automation for healthcare - Ellis Medicine Case Study

Healthcare Onboarding Automation Helped Increase HR KPIs – Ellis Healthcare

A complex hospital system in North America that increased HR KPIs using onboarding automation...

Industry Spotlight: Financial Services

A global Fortune 500 financial firm.

Employee Transition Use Cases

Industry Spotlight: Software

A fast growing global software company.

Company Spotlight: Fortune 10

A fortune 10 company with over 300,000 employees across the globe.

Industry Spotlight: Insurance

A global organization focused on a wide range of insurance, banking and financial services.