We hear all the talk about how beneficial it is to personalize your onboarding, recruiting and management initiatives, but how much extra time do you have in your day to create a personalized email for every new hire, much less more than one? Chances are, you are as swamped as the next recruiter or HR Practitioner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send out great emails that let your new hire know you’re excited to have them there! 

Here are four plug-and-play templates to use that will surprise, delight and inform your new hires from offer to first day. Simply copy and paste into your email client and add a few personal details to each one and voila! Personalization and a great onboarding experience.

The Offer Letter




Dear Candidate Name:

Congratulations! We’re pleased to extend the offer of job title here at Company name. We are delighted to make you the following offer:

The position we’re offering is that of job title and is offered at a salary/wage. As we discussed during your interview process, in this position, your responsibilities include:

  • Duty 1
  • Duty 2
  • Duty 3
  • Duty 4

You’ll be working for supervisor name and with insert team members to achieve these duties for company name. We’re thrilled you’re going to be part of the team! As discussed, this is a permanent/contract/seasonal/hourly position and will last date or indefinitely. We’d like you to start on insert date. If that won’t work, please let me know as soon as possible.

We’d like to extend the following benefits to you:

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3
  • Benefit 4

Please SIGN or ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE by insert date to indicate your acceptance of this offer. We are positive that you will make a great contribution to your team and to company name and look forward to working with you.



Your Position

Company Name

The Post-Acceptance Letter

Hi new hire’s name,

We’d like to extend a thank you for accepting our offer for the job title position with company name! Congratulations and welcome to the department name team. Upon acceptance, we’d like to cover first day scheduling to get you set up. We are eager for you to start as soon as possible, please reach out to email of person who delegates employee scheduling with a start date. Insert company hours, discuss what times the new employee is expected to be in the office. Once we get you scheduled for your first day, you can expect an email from onboarding manager name further explaining materials you may need on the first day, where to go, dress code and a loose agenda covering what your first day will look like.

For any additional questions, please email point person’s email, name and title.

Thank you again and welcome!


Your Name and title

Letters for Remote Workers

Hi New Remote Employee name,

Congratulations! This is your first letter as an official company name team member. We are thrilled to be working with you (remotely) and wanted to reach out with expectations company name has for remote employees. We thank you again for accepting our offer to join this mighty team of ours and we hope the chance to work with us is as exciting for you, too.

To make both of our jobs easier:

Work hours and availability: Clock in at start time and clock out at end time. Since your workspace is most likely your home, it’s easy to adopt an “always on” mentality. We encourage our remote workers to keep work within work hours to alleviate stress.

Equipment: All necessary tools, softwares, furniture, etc will be provided by company name and only to be used by company name employees. Company name will cover repair costs for damaged equipment.

Workspace: Employees must designate a safe workspace, free of hazards to the employee and company equipment. The designated workspace must include strong access to internet.

Communication: Remote employees must be available for calls and emails within regular office hours. Employees are expected to attend all applicable client calls and meetings deemed by management.

Evaluation: Remote employees must participate in reports, studies, inquiries and analyses conducted by company name.

Note to the Recruiter: Make all communication guidelines clear and keep a document available to all employees for reference. This is especially helpful for remote employees new to the company while they begin grasping new communication policies.

If you have any further questions or are in need of additional tools to help you perform your job better in location of new hire, please consider me as your point of contact for these concerns.

Again, we are very happy to have you as a part of the team and look forward to many victories together!

Best Regards,

Your name

Preparing for The First Day

Hi New Hire’s Name,

Welcome to the team! On behalf of the department name we can’t express how excited we are to have you start your new adventure with us at company name on start date. Upon your arrival, I’ll show you to your new workspace and introduce you to your teammates. After we get acquainted interdepartmentally, we will meet briefly with the remainder of the company do pass around hellos and introductions to give you an idea of who is where and what everyone does. Your first day will be dedicated to meeting the company, getting your workspace set up, becoming acquainted with general “house rules” and expectations and setting up your email/intranet accounts. and would like to cover some important information you’ll need to succeed.

Here is some additional information:

Location: Company address

Where to go when you get here: Give any special instructions on how to get to your office/who they should speak with upon arrival

Time of arrival: Please be to the office by time of agreed arrival to get properly acquainted with the team and get set up in your new desk.

Attire: Dress code

Materials: Include what is provided and what they need to bring

Agenda: Give quick details on what their first day will look like, even if it’s a loose schedule, mention it’s subject to change.

We look forward to getting you started and welcoming you into our culture! Please reach out to me if you have any questions before your arrival on start date and time.


Your Name

Phone number

Email Address

Note to Recruiter:

Starting your new hires off with a warm welcome and prepared list of expectations is the best path to an engaged employee. Personalized letters with useful information also establishes you and your organization as a credible place with effective communication and friendly manners. Stop the first day jitters with a little welcome in their inbox. Is there a particular template you love to use? Share with us!


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