3 Keys to Onboarding Jurassic Park Style

3 Keys to Onboarding “Jurassic Park Style”

In Steven Spielberg’s classic 1993 movie, man and dinosaur collide in an epic battle. While you were probably spellbound by the glint of gnashing T-Rex teeth illuminated by lightning, you might have missed that the movie is also an excellent primer on stellar onboarding.

Let’s learn from this brilliant movie and pray we never encounter a Velociraptor in real life.

1. ABC – Always Be Compliant

Compliance is like the electric fence that kept the dinosaurs in their enclosures. It’s super important and if it gets out of whack everything goes kaput. Remember when the power first went out – that eerie silence in the wake of the constant electrical buzz? Think of this anytime you’re uncertain about a state or local tax, contractor or w-2 employee, or data security. Noncompliance is just like turning off the fences and letting the T-Rex’s roam free.

The risk is massive.

Make it easy for your team to be compliant by using an onboarding solution that intuitively guides new employees, has all state and local tax forms, and is Soc 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant. Include internal company forms and use cascading data functionality so your new employees don’t have to keep retyping information.

2. Get Prepared

Two paleontologists and a mathematician arrived on a tropical island, allegedly filled with dinosaurs. Fortunately, upon their arrival, the local team welcomed them, filled them in on critical information, and provided the tools needed to do the job. Imagine the chaos that would have ensued if the power outage happened before they had their security details, welcoming meeting, etc. It would have been a short movie!

Your employees, while not about to battle with prehistoric beasts, are really no different. They need things from different departments, such as business cards, a security badge, and a laptop. Get your team on the same page when a new employee is starting so they can get everything lined up. Having a plan helps the new employee feel like a valued and integral team member right from the start.

3. Reinforce the YES

Dr. Alan Grant, the expert paleontologist, wasn’t so sure about visiting this island, but then he saw the first dinosaur and his eyes lit up. You can almost feel his visceral reaction as he pops up in his seat and gazes at the Brontosaurus in wonder.

There’s a good chance your employee is unsure about their decision to join your team as well. That uncertainty, coupled with the silence that typically ensues between offer acceptance and the first day, can multiply into a deafening roar of unease.

Reach out and make the new employee feel engaged with the company before day one. Let them know what to expect on the first day and important details like where to go, who to meet, and what to wear. Provide a mentor who can tell them about current projects and give insights into the company culture. It can be challenging for a busy hiring manager to find the time to focus on the softer side of onboarding but helping new employees develop relationships is a key part of reinforcing their decision to stay with the company.

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