Click Boarding's Year in Review 2021

A reflective look back & hopeful look ahead

With the New Year nearly upon us, it’s impossible to forget the undeniable bedlam of the past year. Unlike we’d hoped, 2021 felt more like a rerun of 2020’s chaos, uncertainty and challenges. From supply chain calamities to growing social unrest, a worldwide mental health crisis to exploding employee turnover, 2021 impacted everyone and was easy for no one.

Particularly blindsided was the HR ecosystem as a whole. We entered the spotlight with pressures to solve talent acquisition and employee retention dilemmas galore. But we were altogether unprepared for what we didn’t see coming: the Great Resignation.

Conceived by the heightened expectations of employees who were burned out, exhausted, depressed or all of the above, the Great Resignation was a reckoning of global proportions. Workers from all walks of life had reached their boiling point. They wanted more work/life equality, more from their career, more from their employer. And they were unwilling to settle any longer.

But with this new period of employee-first mentality, HR was required to react with little forewarning. Leaders depended on HR as a function that would facilitate the hope of returning to normalcy in 2021. Instead, it came with a whole new set of challenges, roadblocks, hurdles and battles to fight on behalf of HR as a unit or function within an organization.

Despite the past year, the future looks BRIGHT

At Click Boarding, we’ve accepted the challenge to forge ahead. Yes, the last 12 months were laden with uncertainty and trepidation. But we worked collectively to overcome those challenges – both for our clients and our employees. We’re entirely proud of the sheer ingenuity and innovation of our talented HR tech gurus; they are remarkable.

In addition, we continue to rally together as we listen to and provide solutions for the unique needs of our clients. As we continue to push the needle – and industry – forward, we want to be part of the employee-first mentality and the changes that come with it. We acknowledge these realities and are fully committed to supporting you in 2022 and beyond.

While Team Click continues to transform the holistic employee experience in 2022, we acknowledge and graciously thank committed HR professionals like you. Your trust in us is vital in helping us shape and evolve our business forward.

As we reflect on the year gone by, we’ve gathered Click’s Best of 2021 list. It features our readers’ favorite Click content, kudos from our customers, our learnings from a wide variety of HR tech events and some of our proudest moments. We hope you enjoy.

Top client success statistics

The numbers don’t lie: proof from our award-winning team of HR gurus that Click is client-committed!

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Top 3 onboarding & HR blogs

After reviewing the numbers, none of us at Click were surprised to see the following blogs were the most read in 2021:

What clients said about Click in 2021:

“The Click platform is a really great solution and an awesome onboarding partner, but I think it comes down to the service and the people that we’ve partnered with. It’s what puts Click a notch above everybody else! From sales to implementation to support, it’s really been a great experience.” – HR Talent Acquisition Manager

“Click Boarding is very clear cut, and their processes are easy to follow. We needed a solution that was super flexible and didn’t require all of this programming and hard coding. And I feel that’s what we got for sure! The impact to the organization has been huge.” – Senior HRIS IT Analyst

“It’s immensely helpful that everything is saved in one place, that it’s accessible and secure. From any device with Wifi. I can go on very quickly to pull up any information rather than hunting down individuals to confirm personal details. It’s incredibly helpful. Not to mention I’m all for getting rid of any paper trails and archiving files digitally. This was an exponential leap forward in this process. For my team, there was a very small and short learning curve to get updated. The moment we got through that, everyone has been very pleased. I’ve heard a lot of comments about how much we prefer it.” – Tour Hiring Manager

How Click connected during COVID

Since the pandemic showed no signs of slowing down back in January, we got a bit creative with ways to stay engaged and productive:

  • Regular socially distanced outdoor gatherings
  • Kudoboards to celebrate special occasions & team milestones
  • Adding interactive, social channels to Slack
  • Digital happy hours
  • A weekly Zoom coffee klatsch
  • End-of-summer outdoor picnic
  • Lunch-n-Learn sessions

Most downloaded Click content

It was clear what our customers wanted to learn more about, and we were excited to share our knowledge:

Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express our wishes of a happy holiday season and a New Year filled with joy.

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