Top 4 benefits of mobile onboarding for construction workers

Our construction clients came to us with a problem

They were looking for a way to connect with their new hires, especially the remote ones in the field, and make sure they had a positive onboarding experience.

Most of their new hires did not have a computer so they couldn’t just send an email with a link to complete onboarding forms from a desktop. Their employees also weren’t the most tech-savvy, so they needed a simple solution.

They found that the best way to engage their new hires was via their mobile phones. Virtually all new hires had mobile devices and many of them had applied for the job from their phone. This made completing the onboarding process from their phone a natural progression.

By leveraging mobile onboarding, our construction clients were able to accelerate new hire productivity, improve compliance, reduce turnover, and increase efficiency.

1. Accelerated productivity

Before mobile onboarding, our clients lost hours of productivity as new hires plodded through onboarding paperwork on their first day.

Mobile onboarding has enabled our construction clients to kick off their onboarding process the moment new hires accept their offer. By not waiting until a new hire’s first day to start the process, our clients have been able to engage them, provide important information, and ensure all onboarding paperwork is completed – before they even set foot on the job. This process accelerates the new hire learning curve and empowers new workers to add value to the job site sooner.

2. Improved compliance

One of the biggest challenges facing our construction clients is compliance, especially as they expand in size and location. Common worries include having the right state and local forms and properly managing employees’ personally identifiable information (PII).

Our platform provides accurate, up-to-date forms and securely transmits and stores employee PII. New hires receive a link to access their onboarding journey, set up their own credentials to log in, and directly input their information into our Soc 2 Type 2 compliant platform.

By leveraging reliable construction management software such as Workyard, construction clients can address compliance concerns more effectively. With built-in features for managing forms and other sensitive information, it can help construction businesses ensure compliance with state and local regulations, even as they grow in size and location.

3. Reduced employee turnover

Significant turnover in the first year of employment is another common concern our construction clients have shared. In this tight labor market, especially for skilled construction workers, our clients are determined to make quality new hires want to stay with their company.

A structured onboarding program has been proven to increase retention – SHRM reports that great onboarding makes 69% of employees more likely to stay for three years. Mobile onboarding has enabled our clients to provide a personalized, structured onboarding program. Our clients have had success creating videos and photos demonstrating the company culture, mission, and values, in addition to the required onboarding paperwork. They embed this media into the onboarding process, so every new employee sees how they’re a part of something larger than themselves and how their contribution matters.

4. Increased efficiency & decreased errors

Another common concern was how disjointed, time-consuming, and inefficient their former onboarding processes were, especially during times of mass hiring.

Our clients have found that with our onboarding platform, they could set up an automated journey with multiple workflows depending on location and hiring profile. Every time someone was hired, the process would be immediately started, ensuring consistency for new hires and efficiency for HR.

The direct integration with their ATS and HRIS systems allows employee information to seamlessly flow through their HR systems. This eliminates manual rekeying of employee information, ensures new employee profiles are created (so they can be paid on time!), and significantly decreases the amount of time spent on onboarding. One of our clients decreased the time spent by HR by 91% and another by 89%. Check out those case studies here.   

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Our platform simplifies onboarding with the mobile-first experience your candidates expect. At Click Boarding, we work together to set up personalized workflows configured to your needs, so you can delight your new employees with a personalized onboarding experience.

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