The ROI for Effective Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an amazing tool to keep employees motivated and performing well. But in order to reap the benefits, businesses must build a culture focused on positive employee experiences, trust, transparency and camaraderie. The work environment needs to ensure that employees feel cared forchallengedappreciated and respected.

Once you have that going though, your talent – and your business – will flourish. Yup. I said business too. Organizations can see just as many benefits as employees when there is an effective engagement plan in place.

Did you know that:

  • 69% of employees indicate that they either aren’t engaged, or are actively disengaged with their work?
  • 57% of businesses believe the biggest reason why employees commit to their work is because they are challenged and intrigued by their jobs?

That’s why best-in-breed companies take the time to construct and implement formal engagement plans. They understand that:

  • Disengaged employees negatively impact quality of work, productivity rates, company culture, team morale, retention rates, client experiences, employer brand, and the business’s bottom line.
  • Employees need to feel connected and satisfied with their work in order to perform adequately and stick around long-term – saving the company time, resources, and money.

Companies with a formal engagement strategy are:

  • 67% more likely to improve their revenue per full-time equivalent (FTE) on a year-over-year basis.
  • 11% more likely to have a higher percentage of employees who rate themselves as highly engaged with their work on a day-to-day basis.
  • 8% more likely to retain their first-year employees in their most recent fiscal year.

The bottom line: Engagement strategies have an impact on the workforce’s performance, and it pays off for employee retention and productivity. In today’s digital workplace, returns like that can’t be overlooked.

Want to learn more about the ROI of employee engagement? Read the full report from Aberdeen: An Employee-Centric Digital Workplace: From Onboarding Through Engagement and Retention.

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