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Our goal is to publish content that helps HR teams engage and retain talent. Our posts cover everything from onboarding to employee engagement, the candidate experience, and beyond. With a little over 165 articles to choose from – here are the top 5 fan favorites in 2017.

18 Jaw-Dropping Onboarding Stats You Need to Know

Retention, engagement, satisfaction, productivity….all things that keep HR professionals burning the midnight oil for the next best recruitment trends, performance management practices, or engagement strategy. While those endeavors are important and certainly should be pursued, what’s even more important is taking into account how effective onboarding solutions get HR pros one step closer to that next best thing. What is your organization doing to maximize employee onboarding? Here are 18 stats to remind us just how important new employee onboarding really is…

5 Rad Icebreakers to Excite Your New Hires

So you’ve hired a slew of new employees. They’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready and willing to jump in and help the team. The only issue is they don’t really know the team.  How do you introduce these new-comers to your workforce? How do you ease their initiation into the company, in an enticing way that keeps your new talent interested and invested in

How These 4 Companies Rule New Hire Onboarding

You see resources out the wazoo on how to recruit the best candidates and the latest performance management best practices, but there is too little discussed about the time in between. The irony is it’s during the new hire onboarding process that companies are most vulnerable to losing their newest employees. In fact, research by the Aberdeen Group found 86% of new employees decide whether to stay or quit a new job within their first…

The 3 Best Ways to Retain Job Hoppers

While an improved economy should be a good thing, it has created something of a dilemma for employers. With the job market up, employees have more job opportunities to choose from, which has made it difficult for companies to retain their employees long-term. It costs an average of $4,000, not including salary and wages, to hire a new employee, making the current job hopping frenzy expensive for employers to…

How to Create a New Hire Process Flow Chart in 5 Steps

How do you know you’ve covered everything you need to do with a recently hired employee? You can read guides, take lessons and buy onboarding platforms, but at some point, your process needs to be unique; it’s up to you to make sure you have touched on everything so you can move on from each step without having to think about it. Make sure you don’t miss a step in the onboarding process by…

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