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An Onboarding Snapshot with The Recruitment Flex

Unleash America 2023 was filled with excitement from the latest HR tech innovations to compelling conversations with leading organizations. Perhaps our favorite part, however, occurred the afternoon of show day 1 in which Team Click had the pleasure to connect with Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst from The Recruitment Flex. Their famous podcast tops the charts in Canada, sharing the latest trends and ideas in recruitment today.

This rockstar – and downright hilarious – team at The Recruitment Flex understands the critical tie between talent acquisition and onboarding. To put it simply, you can’t have one without the other. And they’re challenging the market to finally address this problem head-on. Throughout their podcast interview with Click CEO, Mike Ehrle, they hit on the following:

  • Onboarding compliance is wildly complex

Solving for highly regulated compliance standards in onboarding is no small feat. Accordingly to Ehrle, it’s why ATS and HRIS players haven’t figured it out. It takes a very robust and dynamic solution that’s configurable to the masses despite unique intricacies. Employer’s need a compliance-first solution that’s up to date and up to code across the board. Rather than “treading toes” on the large HR tech software players, Ehrle clarifies that Click complements these solutions.

  • It’s time to track the employment lifecycle

Click Boarding takes the cake in preboarding and onboarding. But most recently, our team of engineers have been working to evolve deeper into the employee journey. This includes the addition of one-time HR activities, crossboarding events, offboarding and – most recently – Click Retain. Ehrle introduces Click Retain as the lifecycle solution employers need. Our platform offers incredibly valuable data from pre-day 1. These unique insights enable the tracking of sentiment from the moment a candidate says yes throughout their employment journey. As such, users of Click Retain are empowered to continue momentum and check-in at key milestones for real-time feedback.

  • The Covid-19 HR Blessing in Disguise

Needless to say, the Covid pandemic left devastating impacts across the board. If we hone in on HR specifically, however, there’s a silver lining. With the abrupt entrance of remote working and reevaluation of work-life balance, employees took back the power and began demanding more. Resultantly, HR technology vendors have had to step up and ultimately catch-up to other industries amidst the digital transformation. Problems like ghosting, disengagement and mass turnover have become common challenges. Thankfully, Click is addressing these head-on.

  • The Family of HR Tech

As the podcast kicked off, Ehrle shed light on his background in HR tech. To hear how he made the transition from benefits to onboarding, you’ll have to listen to the full feature. One thing is clear, however. While the HR tech solution landscape is large, the community remains small and connected. Together, we’re in the business of improving employee experiences. It was an honor to add The Recruitment Flex team to our family on the show floor in Vegas. We’ll welcome a bit of banter with them any day!

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