HR Tech Spring '22 Review

HR Tech Tackles the Future of HR!

As the HR Tech Spring 2022 virtual conference and exhibition comes to a close, we’re feeling the energy and momentum. This interactive, online event brought thousands of HR professionals together for a week filled with cutting-edge discussions on driving HR success through technology. And Team Click was thrilled to be a part of the conversation!

Throughout this captivating week, we were honored to participate in various thought leadership sessions. For our first time in show history, we held an HR Tech Talk focused on Design Thinking in Employee Experience (EX). Aside from this compelling session, our team also hosted The Click EX at HR Tech via intimate small group discussions. These exclusive webinar sessions included platform demonstrations as well as engaging thought leadership sessions hosted by some of our leading HR tech gurus.

HR Tech takeaways

So what did we learn after a whirlwind week? HR as an industry continues to evolve. Employee expectations are higher than ever, but our community is filled with passionate and motivated, employee-focused leaders driving change every day. The excitement of attendees was infectious and the opportunity ahead was clear: The workforce has evolved drastically, and it’s time for us to step up and deliver optimal employee experiences.

Check out the key themes we noted during our thought-provoking sessions:

1. Our employees are our customers… and they’re also human!

During our HR Tech Talk on Design Thinking in EX, Danielle Balow, Director of Click’s Consulting Practice, walked attendees through a case study on how to apply Design Thinking principles to employee engagement activities. Design thinking is a cycle of continuous improvement that starts with empathy and ends with testing and implementation. It takes an intentional, human-centered design to achieve significant business results and propel your talent – and business – forward. Here’s our favorite quote on the topic:

“Design thinking casts HR in a new role. It transforms HR from a “process developer” to an “experience architect.” It empowers HR to reimagine every aspect of work: the physical environment; how people meet and interact; how managers spend their time; and how companies select, train, engage, and evaluate people.” Josh Berson, Deloitte Insights

2. Employees want to feel welcome and included.

The topic of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B) has never been more important. As such, it was a key topic during the show. Click’s CRO, David Corrigan, led a presentation on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. During this authentic, personal discussion, Corrigan unveiled how to leverage onboarding as a means to foster belonging in your organization. Afterall, inclusion starts in the recruiting process, and it’s critical to instill throughout the period of uncertainty as a new hire joins a new culture.

3. Your team members want meaningful work.

Gone are the days of mundane, monotonous tasks that bore your employees to death. Not in the age of Digital Transformation! It’s time to capitalize on technology platforms to automate routine, repeatable processes so that your employees can focus on the work that drives meaning. Now that we’re truly seeing our employees as humans, we must empower them with work that fuels their passions. Corrigan covered this undeniable truth in an engaging conversation on the case for automated onboarding.

4. Optimal employee experiences should be effortless.

In today’s complex work environment, employee expectations are through the roof. This adds up, as we’re now seeing them as customers.

Amidst the Great Resignation – or awakening – employees also have more options than ever in the most competitive hiring market we’ve ever experienced. As such, it’s our responsibility to ensure each interaction with our new hires is effortless, throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Employees want simplicity in tasks and certainty in expectations. Our interactive product sessions showed the potential of just that. And we were thrilled to watch reactions from our committed attendees.

The week may be over, but the learnings from HR Tech Spring ’22 are endless. If you’re interested in any of the content we shared through The Click EX at HR Tech, contact us today.