Click Boarding Exhibiting in HR Tech’s Hot Startup Pavilion

 HR Tech is the world’s biggest and best conference on HR technology. In fact, Human Resource Executive® magazine just announced how this year’s event is the biggest yet, requiring a waiting list for any other organization wanting to be an exhibitor. Now that’s pretty hot!

Us Click Boarders are so looking forward to being an exhibitor, as we can’t wait to show attendees our new onboarding solution in the Startup Pavilion. We just love how HR Tech makes it so simple to check out the latest and greatest HR technology solutions with the Startup Pavilion, this year featuring 41 awesome startups.

As a Startup Pavilion attendee, you get the rare chance to see solutions you wouldn’t readily see, at least yet. You get the unique chance to connect with visionary founders, creators, and builders of these new high-tech solutions, and believe us we love to share our stories if you ask!

The Startup Pavilion generates its own electricity – there’s a unique buzz attendees simply can’t ignore when they walk into the Pavilion  – an energy that’s unmatched on the rest of the Expo Hall. Here, the conversations tend to be more passionate, personal, and raw, conveying how the founders sought out to help solve an essential HR need that they just don’t see being well-served or addressed at all today. The new product user interfaces tend to be easier to navigate, as we haven’t built an expansive product to serve everyone and everything in every possible way, and quite frankly, may not. You won’t hear a big sales pitch or have to cut through marketing messaging (it’s OK, I’m a marketing person), as we’ve probably spent our sales and marketing budget on being at HR Tech. All kidding aside, we need to introduce ourselves with full transparency to get real feedback from attendees checking us out. To ensure we’re doing HR right.  To ensure our vision is your vision of how you want your HR department to be better, do better.  To enable your candidates, your new hires to experience the very best.

Finally, you can’t help but be awed by many of these startups because you know that they’re competing to win the hearts and minds of HR, who most likely already have HR providers serving their needs including by the market share leaders nicely captured by the Starr Conspiracy. But we don’t let that stop us.

We’re planning a truly spectacular show with a great “unveiling” – let’s connect there! And if you’re like some of us at Click Boarding who need to stay behind, man the phones and keep the lights on, reach out and we’ll tell you a great story.