HR Tech Outlook EE Award

Click Boarding Featured in HR Tech Outlook’s 2023 Employee Engagement Solution Providers

HR Tech Outlook, an industry-leading print and digital HR platform, is known as a pioneer in employee engagement practices. As the HR technology market undergoes yet another year of disruption, HR Tech Outlook continues to share best practices and leading strategies adopted by CHROs, HR-VPs and HR managers across the globe.

Their latest share-out of proven experiences and wisdom has been released via their list of 2023 Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers. For the second time, Click Boarding is thrilled to have been selected as a cutting-edge provider, strategically tackling engagement and retention today. This timely article features Jannette Kresser, Click Boarding Product Manager, speaking to Click Boarding’s latest product innovation, Click Retain.

  • Introducing Click Retain

Click Retain provides fully automated and strategically orchestrated employee pulse checks for prescribed outcomes. Click Retain captures quantitative and qualitative feedback via touchpoints to track engagement and increase retention. Our strategic methodology and employee sentiment framework empower organizations to measure feedback across key categories, watch trends and calibrate over time.

  • A Focus on Meaningful Data

At its core, Click Retain is an enabler to engage with employees, leveraging data. Scheduled employee touchpoints are deployed to measure different constructs of engagement and retention.​ Each employment category evaluated connects to a theme that can be tied back to corporate initiatives. The result? HR administrators and team leaders can pinpoint opportunities for improvement to take action on real-time data.

  • Seeing the Human in Employees

In today’s competitive and complex work environment, employees want to be seen as more than a number. Click Retain supports this shift by elevating employee voices throughout their entire employment lifecycle. It comes down to checking in on employees as whole, unique individuals, re-establishing the “human” within Human Resources.

Now what?

Check out the full HR Tech Outlook article to hear more of Jannette’s point of view. Read the full story >>