Internal mobility strategy for new hire talent

An internal mobility strategy for new hires

Leveraging an internal mobility strategy to drive ROI is one of the four macro trends leading to the rise of alternative work arrangements, cross-functional teams and project-based work for new hire talent. Hiring from within eliminates the expense of finding a new hire, accelerates the speed to productivity and ensures a positive culture fit. It also gives employees room to grow and bolsters their engagement – all important factors for sustaining long-term, happy employees.

In fact, Deloitte reported in their 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Survey the following reasons for focusing on internal mobility:

  • 38% of respondents are looking at internal mobility to build better leaders
  • 31% cite the need to expand the business  
  • 32% believe internal mobility is required to increase employee engagement

However, many organizations stumble on the execution of seamless internal mobility. Siloed functional groups and manual or non-existent transfer processes make it cumbersome for talent to move from one team to another. A clunky process hamstrings your employee’s ability to immediately integrate and be impactful in their new team.

Fortunately, internal mobility is easily remedied with something you already have in your HR/Hiring Manager arsenal: reboarding.

Treat a reboarding internal move just like a new hire: with automated triggers that kick off a workflow curated to their role, situation and location. Include all the information they will need for their new role in one easy to follow, mobile-first hub so they can feel good and prepared when they meet their new team.

This adjustment will pay dividends as your employees will be empowered to easily move throughout the organization, enabling them to strenthen their internal network and pick up priceless firsthand knowledge from different teams and departments.

How can Click Boarding help you use internal mobility as a retention lever?

For more information on how internal mobility – or reboarding – can help you weather this time and come out on top, contact us now. Our platform empowers enterprise-level companies to automate each step in the reboarding process so your team can go back to focusing on what matters the most – your people.

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