4 Macro Trends Driving the Rise of Alternate Work Arrangements, Cross-functional Teams, and Project-based Work

The world of work is evolving. Being ‘at work’ looks a lot different these days than it did even just a few years ago. As technology untethers us from the office, a big beautiful world is opening up – filled with incredible opportunities.

Raise your hand if, in the last month, you have:

–          Worked with a contractor or freelancer you’ve never met in real life

–          Collaborated with colleagues or contractors across Slack or another digital channel

–          Worked with a cross-functional team

–          Joined a conference call with colleagues in another office / state/ country

–          Worked remotely

If you answered yes to any, or even all of the above, it’s no real surprise. Organizations are now leveraging diverse teams of internal and external talent to speed innovation and crush their competition. 

There are four main trends influencing the evolution of traditional employment:

  1. Cross-functional teams made of internal and external talents are a growing model for business success
  2. Internal mobility as a talent strategy brings greater return on investment (ROI)
  3. The demand for flexibility is mounting
  4. The continued increase of skilled freelancers and the emergence of “Generation Side Hustle”  

The evolution of work, and growing reliance on internal and external talent, gives rise to the need for new extensions of onboarding – gigboarding, projectboarding, and crossboarding. It’s no longer enough to make sure your traditional employees are well-onboarded, it is now imperative to ensure every contributor has the tools, resources, and network to be successful in their role, right from the start!

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