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How to Provide an Excellent Mass Onboarding Experience

Great onboarding has been proven to improve retention, accelerate time to productivity, and increase employee engagement, but the thought of providing the same level of attention and care during mass onboarding versus individual onboarding might sound daunting, impossible even. Especially with multiple locations, hundreds to thousands of employees, and varying job types.

A manual onboarding process for mass hiring puts companies at risk of compliance issues and poor employee engagement as it’s often inconsistent, error-prone, and costly (such as from having to cut checks when the direct deposit form isn’t completed on time). Automating your onboarding process is the key to ensuring it’s consistent and standardized, no matter how many employees you’re onboarding.

Organizations with a standardized onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire productivity. – SHRM

Global manufacturing company Linamar has developed and implemented an intelligent solution to make sure every new hire has an engaging, standardized onboarding experience that’s curated to their role and location. Their solution is based on a set of standards and optional tools for their team to use. This automated solution can be easily adopted to ensure great onboarding during mass hiring.

Their onboarding program hinges on two components:

  • Standards

    They created global onboarding standards – for hourly and salaried employees – which set the guidelines for what must be included in each onboarding.

  • Optional Tools:

    They created optional tools to accompany the standards that hiring managers can choose to use as is, modify, or skip altogether. This freedom helped them to embed the program in their organization as busy hiring managers were initially leery about another program adding more work to their plate.

Learn how firsthand on Sept 18th:

Developing a company-wide, automated onboarding framework allows your organization to provide great onboarding – whether for one employee or thousands. Shaun Scott, the Director of Organizational Development at Linamar will be joining Click Boarding and on September 18th at 11am ET for a free webinar to share how he and his team developed and implemented their onboarding program. Save your seat today and learn firsthand how to transform your onboarding process.

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