Click Boarding - How to keep your company values aligned during mass hiring

How to Keep Your Company Values Aligned During Mass Hiring

From seasonal needs to surges in company growth, the reasons for mass hiring vary but the need to provide efficient onboarding to accelerate productivity, ensure compliance, and educate new employees about the company culture and values remains constant.

How is your team handling the strain of onboarding all those people? Are they drowning in paperwork and struggling with user errors, payroll issues, and compliance concerns? With all those very real business risks, it can be easy for the focus on company values during onboarding to fall by the wayside.

Which is more than a casual casualty as company values are the heart of an organization. They align all employees, regardless of position, toward a shared vision of interacting with customers, suppliers, and each other. The mass introduction of many new employees can easily dilute and distort the values, a whisper down the lane phenomenon.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution – embed the company values in your onboarding process and make it a required part of your onboarding standards.

4 Ways to Instill Company Values During Mass Hiring

1. Welcome and Values Email

Send a welcome note to the new hire right after they accept your offer and include the company values.

2. Values Video

Create a video featuring leaders and contributors from the organization sharing what the company values are and what they mean to them. Make this a required video to watch during the onboarding process.

3. Values Case Study / Infographic

Help new employees understand your company values by showcasing the values in action. Case studies and infographics are great ways to illustrate them in a memorable way.

4. Values Quiz

Hold new hires accountable by quizzing them on the company values.

The key to ensuring these four steps are completed is to automate the process so each part is automatically triggered when a new employee is hired. This guarantees new hires are well acquainted with the company values and busy hiring managers don’t have yet another item added to their overflowing plate.

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