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Achieve next-generation onboarding with Alight Employee Onboarding (AEO)

By now, you’ve likely heard the news. Click Boarding has teamed up with Alight Solutions to deliver a new breed of employee onboarding. This next-level, consumer-grade onboarding couples Alight’s comprehensive benefits solution with Click Boarding’s fully-configurable highly intuitive employee workflow engine.

AEO is the perfect marriage between high-tech and high touch. So your new hires experience the power of personalized, timely digital content in combination with a white-glove concierge support model. As a result, employees feel supported and prepared out of the gate, with a true understanding of their holistic compensation package.

So how does AEO work?

There’s a great deal of work to complete throughout the employee onboarding period. And when done poorly or sporadically, it can cause detrimental effects to your new hires. Thankfully, Alight Employee Onboarding automates the process, starting the moment your candidate says “YES.” From there, a series of engagement and administrative tasks deploy in a strategic cadence. So your new hires can submit exactly what’s needed, while becoming engrained into the organizational culture.

Here’s how AEO empowers employees and employers alike:

  • Alight beautifully blends multiple HR solutions into a one-stop shop in their Worklife Portal
  • Leverage a simple process that guides new hires through activities with ease
  • Promote modern, mobile-first experiences, accessible across devices
  • Automate repeatable interactions and transactional elements
  • Reinforce corporate values and company-provided offerings
  • Capture critical data to enrich the employee record
  • Centralize more HR tasks and activities with AEO
  • Make benefits education and enrollment easy with AEO
  • Gain visibility into progress and bottlenecks, coupled with gentle reminders
  • Administer employment policies and procedures in a seamless fashion
  • Experience full peace of mind with unmatched security & compliance
  • Create awareness & buy-in for programs and processes
  • Reaffirm the decision to join, instilling confidence in the full employment journey

Ready to learn more?

From increased engagement and enhanced experiences to expedited processes and speed to productivity, the benefits of AEO are extensive. At the end of the day, each of these KPIs build employee buy-in to reduce attrition across the board. We know your people are your most important asset, and AEO helps protect them at every stage in their tenure.

Learn more about the impact of Alight Employee Onboarding today.