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Alight Employee Onboarding

Alight Employee Onboarding

Today’s modern workers hold increasingly high expectations of their employers. They’ll demand delivery of optimal experiences via consistent, cohesive activities. And if upfront promises don’t match the true actions, they’re not afraid to walk. So how do even the most innovative and integrated organizations retain new hires – or their employees at large?

Alight and Click Boarding have partnered up to provide the answer.

Meet Alight Employee Onboarding (AEO), available through the Alight Worklife platform and powered by Click Boarding.

AEO modernizes and streamlines the onboarding experience through an integrated approach that immerses new hires in your company culture from day one. By allowing candidates to understand your core values pre-hire, reinforcing new hires’ decision to join with an engaging, personalized onboarding, automating compliant paperwork and policies, and saving your HR team time, AEO impacts employee growth, retention and benefits utilization so your new hires feel welcomed, connected and productive faster.

AEO leverages Alight’s highly personalized guidance solutions and comprehensive benefits experiences to provide excellent onboarding within the trusted Alight Worklife platform. As a result, your teams will be empowered – across the board:

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For Your People

  • Integrated employee experience
  • Superior cultural immersion
  • Increased motivation and productivity

For Your Organization

  • Improved talent attraction and retention
  • Reduced manual paperwork
  • Increased regulatory compliance
Alight Employee Onboarding

You know new hire experiences are more than an employee handbook and empty promises. Here’s how AEO helps you take control of employee experiences from their initial YES, onward:

  • Pre-day 1 comms
  • Benefit selection
  • Sign-offs and reminders
  • Unmatched data security and integrity
  • Self-service for full configuration
  • Content for information and education
  • Personalized, guided experiences
  • End-to-end employee transitions
  • Employment laws
  • Reaffirm culture and values

Ready to discover the impact of Alight Employee Onboarding?

We’d love to share how AEO acts as a catalyst to enhance employee experiences by increasing engagement and first-year retention. Simply fill out our form and an AEO advisor will be in touch.

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