world-class onboarding is easier than you think

This is where it gets fun. Pulling back the curtain. I’ve worked in Recruiting for 15 years, but I’ve only been a Candidate a handful of times. So when I hit the market, don’t think for a second I wasn’t taking copious notes on how companies (who are in the business of doing the following, mind you) engaged with me. My candidate experience, the courtship process once mutual interest was established, the way you told your story and kept me engaged, how you actually hired me. And, of course, my onboarding.

I have Good News and Bad News.

Bad News first because we just need to get this out of the way. We stink. All of us. No one is doing it as well as they could, should, and would like to.

Why? Hiring people is not your day job. Your companies are in the business of delivering a product or service. Making that product, delivering solutions to customers, running financial reports, formulating go-to-market strategy, whatever it is. THOSE are your day jobs. Attracting external talent to the organization when growth demands scale or when one of the rank & file is wooed away? That’s the day job of HR, whose other responsibilities include performance management, development and succession planning, annual comp cycles, and employee relations. Perhaps you’re big enough that recruiting IS the single & majority day job of someone on the HR team or within a dedicated Talent Acquisition function. If that’s the case, you’d be one of the lucky few who gets to develop, create and manage a candidate experience that precedes the employee experience. All of this part of Workforce Experience. Sounds like nirvana. Sounds…like a lot of work.

So we stink at this; we, who are in the business of treating talent like gold. Click Boarding did the best job I’ve seen in 2 decades, and that’s because THIS is their very specific business. Not everyone gets to make THIS their very specific business. Protecting the candidate-to-employee experience, that is. Facilitating the new hire handoff from HR to the business.

The Good News is my finisher.

World-class onboarding is easier than you think. Onboarding is NOT form completion and document management and compliance. That’s gravy. Onboarding is delivering the experience you expect your talent to have. The entire workforce experience, from candidate to new hire to highly engaged and productive employee. It takes a tiny bit of software to address moments that matter and efficiently deliver a consistent, world-class experience.

See? I love delivering good news. World-class onboarding is easier than you think. I’ll show you.

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