Happy New Year 2021!

New Year, New Normal, New Start!

Well everybody…we did it. 2020 is now just a really not-so-fond memory for all of us. 2021 has officially arrived, and the world as we know it now is a much different place than it was less than a year ago. In retrospect, our resolve may have been bruised, but it was definitely not broken.

Let’s not mince words, however; it was not easy. Not by a long shot. Especially for HR professionals in particular. Every day seemed like a battle, and as a result, most pre-COVID processes have been redefined. Albeit abrupt and unexpected, the pandemic did force all HR professionals to reinvent ourselves. It gave us the opportunity to ideate and create new ways to satisfy and empower our employees, creating a fully digital onboarding process that’s mobile, compliant and seamless.

With a new year upon us and hopefully, the worst of the pandemic behind us, we’re prepared and ready to tackle the hurdles and challenges of onboarding in our new normal.

Click’s New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to continue to provide you with the latest technology upgrades and features, full support from our Professional and Customer Services teams, new platform innovations to optimize the process and much more!

In addition, the Click end-to-end employee journey platform was recently recognized as a technology solutions leader in the human capital management space by popular tech magazine, Enterprisetechsuccess. Their top takeaways hint at a brighter new year:

1. Employees are virtually the same as consumers.
2. Employee onboarding significantly impacts the company.
3. The Digital Transformation has arrived, and Click has you covered.
4. Automation: it’s the name of the onboarding game.
5. Progressive-minded organizations choose Click Boarding.
6. The future is bright, because Click gives you more. 

Now is the time to focus on the fresh start that awaits us as we turn the page to a brand new year. Our team of talented tech titans have adapted by increasing the self-service functionality and communication capabilities within our efficient, engaging solution. As a result, our technology will scale with our clients as they evolve into this new reality.

In 2021, trust the experts

At Click, our mission centers around creating exceptional experiences across the entire employee journey. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the easiest, most empowering way for HR to deliver modern onboarding experiences that exceed employee expectations, maintain superior compliance and help everyone, including HR, achieve their potential.

Your employees deserve efficient, foolproof engagements from onboarding through their entire lifecycle. And while adapting to the challenges of 2020 has been difficult, your employee journey experience doesn’t have to be!

Make your onboarding efforts in 2021 easier, more streamlined, more compliant and mobile first. Click is here as your consultant, dedicated to helping you automate the process and delight your new hires. When you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself, we’re only a click away.

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