Extending the Employer Brand

Your business has one thing your competition doesn’t: your People. Finding, hiring, developing, activating and retaining the right talent for your business is a competitive edge you can’t afford to let dull. Add the rise of the gig economy, with more of the workforce considering freelance or contract work to be a viable alternative to traditional, full-time employment. The companies that will win through competitive advantage in the next 5 years will be those who actively protect their investment in talent by creating greater efficiencies, retaining key talent who can and want to be retained, shortening the ramp to productivity and sparking genuine advocacy from happy employees who have a great story to tell.

One of the lynchpins – and in many cases the Achilles’ heel – of setting employees up for success is onboarding. It sets the tone from Day 1, and can dictate the success of any given employee. In many respects, onboarding is the answer to the future of work. We’re building a better way to unleash talent in a way that employees expect and companies need.

The origin of Click Boarding

Click Boarding answers the call to fully and efficiently activate talent as they come into the business. Early and continued engagement leads to faster productivity, higher performance and improved retention. It starts with onboarding well before the employee’s first day – in fact, right after offer acceptance.

Onboarding is not a commodity or a transaction — it’s a business process with revenue impact, shortening the ramp to productivity, driving engagement, spurring advocacy and loyalty, and ultimately improving retention. We’ve built a best-of-breed solution to improve onboarding in its broadest sense; activating the full potential and power of talent for your business.

How does the solution work?

Click Boarding is a modern onboarding solution that provides a consumer experience for employees while streamlining the HR and compliance end for HR and hiring managers. It’s everything you’d expect it to be — mobile-first, intuitive and self-guided, flexible and highly configurable, secure, and easily integrates with all relevant systems. Nobody marries employee experience and compliance better!

A best practice approach invites a new hire immediately upon offer acceptance to a personalized, branded, self-guided onboarding experience, able to be accessed any time from any kind of device. Engagement might include a welcome video or letter from the CEO along with a virtual office tour and your company mission or vision statement. You begin answering questions before they have to ask – like what to wear, where to go, what to expect on Day 1, etc. All the while, the company can start collecting information from the employee before their first day, like policy acknowledgements and tax forms, direct deposit information, or emergency contacts.

The onboarding experience you deliver across your business may vary, so the solution is highly configurable and onboarding activities can be sequenced over any period of time. We also can integrate with the rest of the HR technology stack, from your applicant tracking system to background screening providers, payroll system, and core HR system of record.

From a compliance perspective, especially now with GDPR, how we handle employees’ information is really important. Having everything unified in a platform with security as its bedrock means all data can be easily, safely managed and parsed out to the relevant systems.

How do customers measure ROI?

The measurable difference is new hires who are high-performing much faster (impacting top line financials); who will be anxious to make qualified referrals; who become proud advocates of your brand and your business, who are motivated to translate their experience to your customers, and who will stay. So, lower turnover in typical danger zones that directly impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Some of our customers measure a Net Promoter Score (NPS) upon completion of their new hires’ onboarding experience. One customer gained nearly 30 points to achieve a score of 77 – almost unheard of! Imagine the difference when you consider the level of engagement and excitement of those employees coming through the door and what the business is able to do with them. That’s when you really start to understand the impact of great onboarding.

Engaging Experiences