Elevate Your Onboarding By Leveraging Psychology

World-renowned author and life coach Tony Robbins teaches about the importance of the six human needs and how they drive us. He shares how certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, connection/love, growth, and contribution fuel our motivation and influence how we interact with the world.

Our needs for each of the six vary. For example, some people need complete certainty and others thrive off the allure of the crazy unknown spontaneity of life, but the universal truth is that we are all affected by these needs.

By understanding this, HR and Hiring Managers can develop incredible onboarding programs that make new hires feel great about joining the company while accelerating their productivity and integration.

1. Certainty

New hires want to be sure they are doing precisely what they need to be doing. They want to complete all the forms and show up in the right place at the right time in the right attire. Don’t make them have to worry or question anything.

2. Uncertainty / Variety

This is your chance to wow your new hire with an unexpected gesture. Think of a welcome box shipped to their home or a thoughtful treat that shows up on their desk on their first day. 

3. Significance

Your new hire wants to know that they matter – whether you are a company of 10 or 100K. Curate the onboarding experience to their situation and make them feel like more than just a number.

4. Connection/Love

Link your new employee up with a welcome buddy and/or a mentor. Make sure there’s a team lunch planned their first day and keep an eye out to make sure they’re finding their way through the organization.

5. Growth

Curated, on demand learning opportunities are one of the best ways to enable new hires to grow and become stronger contributors.

6. Contribution

Inform your new hire about the many ways to get involved in your organization, such as volunteer opportunities and networking events. Even though they are new, providing them with ways to give back helps ground them in the organization and cement their commitment to the company.

Great onboarding has been proven to increase engagement and retention. Have a look through your current onboarding process and make sure you are addressing the 6 human needs!

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