5 Onboarding Lessons from Netflix

Employee Onboarding Lessons

You know the joy of a blissful rainy Netflix binging day – where you can bask in the comfort of your couch while Netflix automatically starts the next episode within seconds? The experience is wonderful and effortless.

Imagine that experience if Netflix didn’t have the bank of episodes, a curated library based on your viewing history, and a seamless way to start the next episode, without having to get off the couch. It probably wouldn’t have become the behemoth it is today if their process was still the cumbersome effort of getting off the couch to exchange DVDs by mail.

Modern consumers expect this effortless interaction and modern employees are no different. It’s no longer enough to just have any old process to onboard employees. You need to wow your new employees with modern, crisp, effortless onboarding to engage and retain them.

1. Be Robust
Netflix has a massive catalog of content. For onboarding, you need forms – for compliance, payroll, and more. You need a complete collection of forms for your organization – in one central location – that can be easily accessed, completed, and digitally signed.

2. Be Personalized
Netflix has nearly countless options, but it curates the experience based on your preferences. Your employees vary by level, job type, and sometimes by location. Their onboarding experience should precisely match their unique situation – so they’re filling out the right forms, every time.

3. Be Easy
Netflix makes it so easy to get wrapped up in a new series and then gush about it to your friends. Your onboarding process should be a simple experience that ensures your new employees can easily, and quickly complete every required form. They should go home their first day and think, Wow…I can’t believe I finished all my onboarding paperwork so quickly!

4. Be Mobile
You can access Netflix from any of your devices nearly anywhere in the world. Your employees should be able to complete their onboarding paperwork from their phone or tablet, instead of losing hours of productivity on their first day languishing over a literal stack of paperwork.

5. Be a Thoughtful Guide
While Netflix’s library is vast, and ever-changing, they guide you through your choices – are you in the mood for a romantic comedy, a thriller, or something trending? With a simple structure and clear headers, Netflix makes the nearly impossible task of choosing a movie out of thousands of options a breeze.

Your employees should be guided through your onboarding process in the same thoughtful way. Make it easy for them to follow all of the steps and complete all documentation with an intuitive, guided process.

Our modern onboarding platform energizes HR and new hires by blending employee engagement, forms, digital process workflow and unified data integrations into smooth, flexible and compliant solutions. Depend on our journey experience experts to empower your onboarding process so your team can go back to focusing on what matters the most – your people.

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