Compliant onboarding

Collected from Thomas Brechtel J.D., Chief Revenue Officer, Form I-9 Compliance, LLC and Scott Poeschl, PHR, Vice President of Sales, Click Boarding


  • We asked HR, “What do you believe is your biggest obstacle to delivering a great hiring and onboarding experience to every candidate?”, the answer we got was “The overwhelming number of tasks to manage.” This beat out the following choices:
    • Too difficult for HR to manage and new hires to complete all the forms
    • Not able to do what needs to be done to socialize and acclimate the new hire
    • Not having an easy, fast, complete and scalable onboarding process to
      manage it all
  • Biggest change to the new Form I-9 appears in section 1- Aliens authorized to work can now just give passport information.
  • Biggest onboarding mistake organizations make? Doing too much and too manually leads to a poor and often non-compliant new hire experience.
  • Soon it will be mandatory for all of HR to utilize E-Verify, and to do that you must first complete the Form I-9.
  • An HR professional informed us his organization had 23 regulatory forms, and of which 90% were incorrectly filled out.
  • We asked HR’s what their #1 goal is when onboarding new hires. Their answer? Increase efficiency across all those involved in the process. This beat out the following choices:
    • Improve new hire productivity and performance starting week 1
    • Grow retention rates & loyalty among new hires in their first 45 days
    • Increase HR confidence and reduce compliance risk
  • HR could be given a notice of federal inspection at any time.
  • HR agrees that there’s so many forms in the hiring and onboarding process. In fact, one company’s new hire paperwork in just one year measured 90′ tall – that’s 20′ taller than the White House!
  • According to SHRM, it costs $4,129 to hire an employee. And if your average wage is $40,000, it increases to over $8,000 to hire an employee.
  • The regulations HR must manage are numerous, including social security, screenings, date of birth, direct deposit, W4s, the Form I-9, EEOC, Veterans status, non-competes, and more…
  • Four percent of people take a job and don’t show up, and 20% of your turnover happens in the first 45 days.

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