Humanizing the Candidate Experience Webinar

The treatment a candidate receives during the hiring process can serve as an indication of their future treatment as an employee. Organizations must invest time and resources in crafting a positive candidate experience that entices individuals to choose the company as their workplace.

According to a survey by Officevibe, 64% of candidates share negative experiences with friends and family. This negative feedback has the potential to impact the employment brand and influence future hiring decisions. If word spreads that the organization provides a subpar candidate experience, it may result in a decreased number of job applications and an increase in the cost per hire.

Join the Accurate team alongside Danielle Balow, Director of Digital Transformation at Click Boarding, and Sharlyn Lauby, the author of HR Bartender and the SHRM Essential Guide to Talent Management, as we delve into the candidate experience. The discussion will cover:

  • Understanding the candidate’s experience and its significance.
  • Evaluating your current candidate experience.
  • Implementing five activities to enhance your candidate experience.
  • Establishing effective ways to measure the success of your candidate experience efforts.

Meet the Panel

[WEBINAR] Humanizing Your Candidate Experience - Danielle Balow
Danielle Balow
Director of Digital Transformation, Click Boarding

Danielle Balow is Click Boarding’s lead consultant as the team’s Director of Digital Transformation. In her unique role, Danielle offers strategic suggestions on human resource technology ecosystems to ensure optimal configuration and connectivity. Danielle evaluates client goals and collaborates with them to present solutions that meet their needs both today and tomorrow. She works with them long-term, from implementation through their entire journey to ensure immediate and ongoing success by offering continued improvement opportunities.

[WEBINAR] Humanizing Your Candidate Experience - Sharlyn Lauby
Sharlyn Lauby
Author of HR Bartender & President, ITM Group Inc.

Sharlyn Lauby, author of HR Bartender and president of ITM Group Inc., is a recognized HR expert with a focus on talent retention and engagement. With a background as vice president of human resources at Right Management Consultants, Sharlyn has designed successful programs in retention, customer satisfaction, and leadership development. She is a top-rated global HR speaker, known for her insights on business trends and the future workforce, and has received numerous awards for her contributions to HR and the community.