WriteForMe and Click Boarding podcast with Michelle Graham and Kelsey McDonald

In a recent episode of Business Ninjas, Michelle Graham, Director of Communications at Click Boarding, joins Kelsey McDonald, Partner Manager for WriteForMe, to share insights into the innovative HR solutions offered by Click Boarding.

Graham highlighted the platform’s unique focus on the preboarding period, emphasizing that while many initially approach Click Boarding for this phase, they often end up utilizing the tool for the entire employee lifecycle. Her quote, “People often come to us for that preboarding period… but then they stick around and want to use the tool for the full employee lifecycle,” encapsulates the platform’s ability to extend its value beyond the initial onboarding stages.

Click Boarding’s commitment to providing an automated and comprehensive experience throughout the employee journey has positioned them as a key player in the HR tech space. The platform’s modern approach aligns with contemporary workforce needs, driving efficiency and compliance while positively impacting employee satisfaction and retention.

As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of holistic HR solutions, Click Boarding’s conversation with Kelsey on Business Ninjas sheds light on the pivotal role their platform plays in shaping successful and enduring employee experiences.

You can find the audio link to the podcast here and the YouTube video of the interview here.