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Workable and Click Boarding partner to modernize the employee/ employer journey.

Ever wonder why businesses today are so focused on improving their talent acquisition strategy and increasing employee engagement and advocacy? Easy. Baby boomers are exiting faster than we can fill, and HR is doing their level-best to bring in amazing new talent despite low unemployment, a shrinking talent pool, mismatched skill sets, and an increased interest in joining the gig economy. If businesses can’t nail their talent acquisition and retention strategies, then they can’t continue to function competitively. It’s an urgent issue, and companies across the globe are finally willing to invest the time and resources to find a solution.

If you want to attract, hire, and retain the best talent in your industry, then you need to have the right tools to make it happen. You can’t settle for a single platform that does most things “ok.” It’s 2018! Your talent deserves better. That’s why companies trust Click Boarding to deliver modern experiences that their employees expect, and their teams need.

Modern onboarding is part of the new talent acquisition value chain, and forward leaning companies recognize that they need partners that make the employee journey everything it should be. That’s why we decided to partner with Workable.

Workable is used by 6,000 companies globally. With 24/7 global support, its intuitive system is one teams actually like to use. It helps businesses attract candidates via a huge network of job boards, referrals and social recruiting. It allows HR to source candidates with built-in sourcing tools or via your external recruiters, rank candidates through the hiring process with fast interview scheduling, a structured interview process and effective collaboration. Even better? Workable enables you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your process with recruiting reports.

Pair that with our own world-class, award winning, modern onboarding platform that excites HR and new hires by blending great employee engagement, new hire forms and onboarding tasks into a simple, flexible and compliant solution – and your business will have what it takes to be competitive in this job market.

Ready to set your team up for success? Give us a call today to learn more about Click Boarding and Workable’s new partnership!

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