Click Boarding’s proud to sponsor and excited to attend the Optimum Solutions User Conference in Nashville from September 13 – 16. The approximately 200 attendees expected get the rare chance to hear from “the number 1 best motivational storyteller in the world” Thomas Dismukes about finding balance. We cannot wait to hear about that!

The great lineup of speakers doesn’t stop there, from you guessed it Optimum Solutions, plus fellow sponsors Job Market Maker, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and more. In fact, Click Boarding’s Chief Revenue Officer Christine Marino will be hosting the Onboarding workshop, speaking about how to create the best onboarding experience for new hires, and how to create the most efficient and effective onboarding process for your HR team. Attendees of the workshop will get the opportunity to share ideas with their peers from different companies as to what’s worked best, and what “they’d never do again” when it comes to onboarding.

My bet is that some of the most valuable sessions to attend will be “Government Updates – most current government changes scheduled for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017” by Debra VanFleet;  “The Best Way to Source and Hire Passive Candidates” by Job Market Maker; and of course “Onboarding New Hires” by Click Boarding! You can check out more sessions listed on the agenda.

So if you’re attending, please stop by to say hi to us at Click Boarding’s table in the Vendor Solutions Center, and attend the Onboarding session! And if you’re not attending and just happen to be in the Nashville area, call Optimum Solutions for a ticket at 615.329.2313.

For anyone who wants to read up on more content like what’s being talked about at this event, here are some links:

Hope to see you there!